There is no order, randomness is come

An act of war when no war is declared
 Makes war a problem of the entire world
Now we see    a plane burn  in the air
Was this just an accident bizarre?

No land is  safe,  all  meadows killing fields
We all are soldiers, none of us have shields
We must pretend  for how else can we live
To make   the children safe, what must we give?

Once we had  imperatives,now gone
There is no order,  ethics are undone
War is undeclared , we now shall  share
The fate  so many suffer unprepared

Global  markets lead to global war
The essence of the incident lies bare

New Blue




I wonder what’s the reason  we call a sad mood blue
My fountain pen is coping but I have not got  the glue
I see your eye is staring and I know it is a clue
Send me to the theatre and I will get the cue

I wanted to get  dressed today but I couldn’t find my shoe
I watched a film of cows on heat, all they say is moo
Would they change their attitude if I was  still with you?
Take me to America. take me to the Zoo   

I have got no appetite.I need someone new
The food is very boring,  it’s made with UHU
You put  it in the microwave and send a text or two
Blimey,I forgot it was a homemade real beef stew

Well,  the moon is shining and Paul Robeson  gleams in glee
I want the stars to play with me, they pray for very few

I’m wearing blue

In my fantasy I swear till blue
The  colour of the sea and sky in June
My velvet skirt and tights are the same hue

I have a pair of boots, a tube of glue
In case my skirt falls off in a sand dune
In my fantasy I wear much blue

My skirt did slip down yesterday, it’s true
When I put the key in and it turned
My velvet skirt and tights were  liked by Hugh

Hello, it’s only me so wet with dew
After walking through a mass of ferns
In my fantasy  still wearing blue

When I have a fever or the flu
I wear blue pyjamas as I burn
My velvet house-coat is just that  same blue hue

Should we call the  doctor and complain
The traffic’s swerving round from lane to lane
In my fantasy I’m wearing blue
My velvet skirt and  jacket ,where are you?




Test to end the weak

low angle photography of red metal tower
Photo by Anni Roenkae on
multicolored mosaic photo
Photo by Tim Mossholder on

How any degrees are there in a right mangled triangle?
Is any parallelogram square?
Is a square a rectangle?
How many  angles are there in an ellipse?
How many angels are there altogether?
Can a cube go flat?
Why was there only one snake in Eden?
How many apples did Eve use to make her pudding?
Did you ever get excited by quadratic equations?
Did Q E s want to be solved?
Do you feel equipped to follow my Log?
Why not do it yourself?
Why not have an uncivil partnership?
You saw it here first