I’m wearing blue

In my fantasy I swear till blue
The  colour of the sea and sky in June
My velvet skirt and tights are the same hue

I have a pair of boots, a tube of glue
In case my skirt falls off in a sand dune
In my fantasy I wear much blue

My skirt did slip down yesterday, it’s true
When I put the key in and it turned
My velvet skirt and tights were  liked by Hugh

Hello, it’s only me so wet with dew
After walking through a mass of ferns
In my fantasy  still wearing blue

When I have a fever or the flu
I wear blue pyjamas as I burn
My velvet house-coat is just that  same blue hue

Should we call the  doctor and complain
The traffic’s swerving round from lane to lane
In my fantasy I’m wearing blue
My velvet skirt and  jacket ,where are you?




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