When ignorance hurts



Recent photos by Mike Flemming.2020.Copyright

I am going through something at the moment which I can’t reveal.However it has been illuminating to watch people using Freudian defences to defend themselves from knowing  or hearing.
It’s a bit like this.
You  need to have your appendix out [ which we know needs anaesthetic and surgery]
You have to see your doctor because you  need a tetanus shot, nothing to do with yiur appendix
When you meet your friend, you can see she thinks the doctor  removed your appendix  while she was walking to meet you.It is obvious if one thinks that  it would have been impossible
So when you say you are going to the hospital, she says: I thought the doctor fixed your appendix last week.
The only way that could be true would be if the doctor took a book you had written and removed the appendix from the book.Anyone could do it
So it seems human beings do have defences against knowing certain things.Unfortunately we who speak don’t know what they hear and vice versa
No wonder we had Brexit!
No wonder families split up.
Defences are needed but they have a danger in that you may need to be vigilant about  health or other issues and defending yourself from knowing could shorten your life
Anxiety is  horrible but like when you put your hand into boiling water you need to feel pain  to make you pull it out.

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