Vibrate with me

img_20200111_143221I have made  an  odd number of mistakes
How can you get even?

What’s odd about a mistake?
It’s the error

I dream while I’m awake
Better take a sleeping pill after breakfast then

The ghost always comes at midnight
Can it tell the time?

I think the light made me jump
I  just can’t believe in those photons attacking you any more.
Why not?
I’ve seem the light

Numbers can also be operations
I wish my lump could need only a number to remove it
A number of operations?
The number is the operation but it might be complex
I love your imagination
Which proves you have one too

Dirac does not sound like an English name
Neither does Battenberg

Was he Jewish?
He still is.
But he’s dead
Like Jesus isn’t?

Why did Heisenberg laugh?
It should be, when not why
You can’t laugh and cry simultaneously
Are you absolutely certain?
No,I am  a postmodernist
Are you sure?
You’ve got me now.
Why, am I  playing   dumb?
Put the lid  on it
I’m not a piano, yet. 
I’m mute with shock
Was it electric?
No, it was  visual.
I see nothing wrong
That’s denial
You can’t prove it
What, is it right and wrong together?
It’s  fuzzy
I half believe
If only we’d done algebra
It uses letters




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