Spirit lost in wars,what is our aim?

I feel this needs improvement but so far I have not managed it
 In the past,  we thought the world  our own

Created for  us by a loving Lord
So on its lands , we made our little homes

Existentialists  claim we have no home
Dislocated,life can’t be enjoyed
In the past,  folk felt  the world  their own

Hell is other people, Sartre claimed,
Dividing us to monads ,deeply flawed
Yet in  the  past ,community was sane

Why do  we feel lost with  lone hearts maimed?
Are we  shocked by  new  techniques and awe?
In the past, communion  was our  own

Spirit  lost in wars,what is our aim?
If  God  is dead, who shall declaim the Law?
We’re  ” civilised “, how mute Ethics  forlorn

The tablet  Moses  found  has been disdained
We  submit  to nothing but our toys.
Machines and war  destroy communal aims.
Who can raise us ;how  can debts   be paid?






2 thoughts on “Spirit lost in wars,what is our aim?

  1. I’ll try to find time to think about it. After several millennia of thinking we are being looked after, we are finding it’s time to grow up and take charge of ourselves – it hurts.

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