Hail glorious St Brexit




The Pope sings along.Or is it the poet?


They are waiting for our partitions.
It’s Purgatory.It’s cool
Hail glorious St Brexit.so  bad for our isle.
Still,tarry a while…maybe you will tone down
Say but the word and my sole shall be heeled
Who mends shoes nowadays?
Popes  don’t polish.No,they heal
And  says God ,thou shalt Remain.
Is God in Europe still?That is surprise.
England needs  a sovereign vagrant.
To God’s fear we will say naught.
My identity is being human.
I will wash your  torn bare feet.
Jesus wants  me to Remain here,
Far from Brexits so displayed.
Hail glorious St Spastic..dear saint for the Isle
That’s not pc.
How ironic can one get?
If I need to spend a penny ,
I agree  that I  have paid
Satire is dead.
And I  tell you in this country
You are free to get  eggs laid.
St Brexit,vexed it.
The Remains  are away.Just for the Day
We like St Elastic best.St George was a Turkish Jew or Roman
.Jesus was a Jew too. 160% or so.
What, a coincidence?
I have paranoia now.Is there a vaccine?
Hi,Maxine.Come on in, we are eating our words tonight.Welcome

Rosa wants a new name


It is a truth totally unacknowledged  by human beings that Professor of Linguistics and  Word Mismanagement Rosa Benchez hates her own name.It is for this reason, she is keen to get married.Unfortunately ,her only suitor is Charlie Blogge. the well known TV biology  expert
Does Rosa Blogge sound any better, she asked her friend Amy Panicker.
I find it hard to judge ,Amy answered. Ar least it’s not Bloggess.But there is another answer.
Rosa and her cat Lucy looked up expectantly.
Go on tell  us!
Change your first name.Have you got any other name besides Rosa? Don’t say Wooden or Iron,I beg you.
Rosa looked surprised.
In a way that is harder emotionally,she began, because that’s what all my friends and family call me
They must have been dim to call you Rosa,Amy cried.
Don’t say that.Who wants to be compared to a lightbulb?
Well ,who wants to be compared to rows of benches? Amy retorted.
Well.grandad was called I.Ron Benchez.Rosa shouted.He was from the USA.
Thank God ,he is not the President,Amy smiled
I think that is stupid.The name of the person has no bearing on how they can lead a government.
Well,how about Trump? Is it a real name or did they pick it from knowing the word trump from card games,Amy asked quietly
I  have no idea,said Rosa.I shall look it up now
Wow, you have a new iphone!
Charlie gave it to me,Rosa confessed shyly blushing dark pink
You had better check whether he  is tracking you, Amy told her anxiously.You never know what men will do nowadays.
But can’t you track folk on Samsungs or Nokia Lumias? said Rosa in  her mellow voice.
I don’t think it is very romantic to give a lady  a smartphone instead of some jewellery,Amy cried.You can sell jewellery but who wants a second-hand iphone.
As a matter of fact ,some old Nokias from the 90’s are now worth a few hundred pounds
So if you have one keep it unless your  home is already overflowing with collections of pens,watches old newspapers and cats like my friend Percival’s,Rosa retorted.
Percival? what  is his last name?
Joyce.Rosa whispered.He is related to the writer.
Rosa Joyce…. how does that sound?
Well as you know any word you keep repeating begins to sound odd and the same is true of names.Even the nicest name like Katherine With-Doubt begins to sound odd when  delivery men ask you for it.
Are you with doubt? one had asked her, she told me
Who is without doubt she had replied courteously.
Who indeed said the clever Polish doctor working in the UK  delivering stuff for AAmazing,dot com.He lives round the corner:Thom Without-Doubt
Thank God you are not called that.
Amy asked Rosa if she could make a pot of tea.They sat in the old orange walled kitchen eating cream crackers and cheese and sipping hot tea.
Lucy was eating some cat biscuits and suddenly   had a good idea
Why don’t you and I swap names, she mewed to Rosa with a  loving smile.
Do you know,said Rosa,I am so fed up with names I shall change mine to a number if we carry on like this
Do you think 678 Benches sounds any better,giggled Amy.
I was thinking more of a name like Platonic form or pyramid
How does Platonic Benchez sound. Or Platonic Blogge?
And so ask  all of us.

What we most fear

How like a monster is my fear of pain
Expanding to fill all my heart and mind
Swelling like a  giant sponge left  in rain,
This fear begets  new  feelings more unkind.

For humans beings chased by lions fierce,
Fear gives us the strength to  dash away.
But when by inner turmoil we are pierced
We cannot run  yet need  not be its prey.

Most strange ,we need to do   what we most fear;
Walk towards the pain with curious calm.
As else we may be maddened like King Lear
With no Cordelia to bring us balm.

To  feel in proper ratio to our   pain.
We need perception,grace and all their gains.

Let your mind wander




My mind wandered out of my body
And flew over the fencing next door
I saw with its eyes
Ten invisible spies
Lying on my old shed floor.

Sometimes we daydream of winning
The lottery or football pools
Selfishly dreaming
And following it scheming
Ia  sensible only for fools.

But day dreams spontaneously flowing
Can bring us creative ideas.
Archimedes was in the bath
Andrew Wiles on a path
When genius  became suddenly  near.

I dreamed I was knitting a sweater
From the hair of my friends’ Russian cat
A pattern was given to me
With a big mug of tea
Till the cat leaped  off me   to chase a rat

It was a mouse that  it chased round thr table
But mouse does not rhyme well with cat
So reality must alter
Or  poetry  will falter
While the cat sits benign on the mat


Sits on the routers

My doctor is sometimes sarcastic
But irony’s more of his mode
He looks at computers
And sits on  the routers
What does this activity bode?

I lie when I say he’s sarcastic
He’s as well spoken as any nice man
I will not mythologise
Nor will I patronise.
I am kindly and therefore I am.

He says, you  look well when I meet him
Crossing the waiting room floor
He is  extremely civilised
Enigmatic, not horrified
When He gets up and opens the door.

?Is it ironic



You can ask for a judgment on whether something is ironic.


I was having difficulty opening a small bottle of “liquid bandage” to protect a cut on my finger when I cut another finger on the cracked lid of the bottle?…





What I thought concealed

We may reveal more than we know when we talk about the weather and other safe topics




When I cannot tell you how I feel
When I want to see you ,not  to speak,
I talk about the weather like a  fool

Sometimes when I’m tired I feel unreal
Or life seems lost and  meaning seems to leak
Then I  can not  tell you how I feel.

Some months have their winds to make misrule
Others  throttle  throats and freeze the cheeks
I talk about the weather ,as its cool.

We must keep moving or our blood congeals
So sheep must  on moorland  frosty, bleak
I don’t want to  lie for  life is real

When winter mocks our age I find it cruel
Yet you are old and for amusement look
I talk about  the sunshine like a  fool

Oh,happy   snowfalls keeping us from school
As on the ice we tumbled with loud shrieks
When I  cannor   tell you how I feel
The weather  stands for  what  I   have concealed

When does autumn start and why do we think about it so much?


From the article below



The British seem to be obsessed by the weather.But often that is  because we need small talk and ,especially at the moment, we don’t want to talk about politics,Brexit,Syria, and  other terrible wars and disasters.The weather has been unusual recently being much warmer than normal so  that gives us simple to talk about when we meet neighbours in the street or at the bus stop.
But ought we do this when we are in some people’s eyes wasting time? Well,I think it is a good idea to talk to neighbours and people who live alone.Mind you living in the South  of England I feel some of the ways people behave down here are shocking like inviting you to look at their holiday photos but not letting you sit down.And if you do sit down they can look put out.Then they moan about awful  foreigners!I prefer the foreigners.
In fact ,I was treated as a foreigner when I came here.Even now people ask me where I come from.I think I’ll say China next time