Tell me it’s good to be alive

The line of your lips is finely made,
as suffering accepted has transmuted pain
into a sculptor who
has given you much beauty;
yet the pain has shaped too
the eyes setting,
as if a slight question waits
in the back of your mind
asking,is this right?
and I perceive this and how you may suddenly tremble
with a memory too piercing;
yet how you love
the world so broken,
so humane
so vulnerable
so strong.
what are you saying to me?
I gather you ask me this of me:
Tell me it’s good to be alive.

And I do

How are we feeling tonight?


How are you feeling,the doctor asked plaintively

With my senses,I replied jocosely
No,I mean how is your body? he extrapolated.
You can see it better than me,I informed him 
as I got on to the couch.
But I can't feel it,he said languidly.
I shall permit you to feel it
I said in a kindly ruin of my  voice
He pressed my abdomen,but not with  a hot iron luckily
Owzat,I shouted politely.Not out yet
He said ,I think your organ is inflamed.
That is very rude,I told him with a garbled smile
I mean your bladder, he riposted   fluently
Has  it ever crossed your mind that we only  know  we have bladders
 because we read that in a book. I said in a puzzled tone.
Unless you are a surgeon,I continued courteously
We can see it on a scan, he said charmingly.
Well ,we  only have the word of a technician,I said logically
So are you telling me you don't believe you have a bladder
 he said with a Freudian  dignity
 only matched by that of a million psychoanalysts across the world.
I'll accept it as a hypothesis I said.
All that water must be stored somewhere though
 in  many older folk it is in their ankles,I resumed.

And now and then  people get water on the brain.
How does that get out? I enquired  in my intriguingly female tones.
I think we'll leave it there,he said.
That's no good.How about sticking a  canula into my brain 
to drain it,I suggested cleverly
Not on  the NHS,he called from behind his  screen
So  you want me to pay. I think I'll go home and do it myself,
I said rudely
Thank God, he screamed.
No,you thank him I said.I am phoning for a cab.
Can you give me a canula or two
If you don't leave I'll give you
 more than a canula he said vivaciously
What else is on offer, I demanded.

Knives,   anaesthetics,disinfectant?
He left the room and I never saw him again.
Just as we were getting on so well.
If it had been Leap Year 
I might even have proposed though what I have no idea.
Still I had no need for antibiotics which was a  blessing.
I called for a out opposite my house,slipped into gutter.
It gives one a new perspective although 
it was a mite unfortunate that a car was coming round the bend quite rapidly.
So It's goodbye from me.
You can pray to me unless you are a Protestant or are Jewish.
Tough luck.Just call me Saint from now on.

And so bray all of us



How to end your email

Wishing you internal tests
Wishing you infernal rest
We’re queer
Yours an hour
A plus tard
No regards
Lesser regards
Make pair
Shake,we’re mates
Blest fishes
Chest  of wishes
Wince hourly
Blindest regards
Car missed
You are pissed
I disdain jokes
Hours bluely
I blank you
Sank you
Thanks for hen
Wank  you again

Was sin ever truly original?


Please delight as soon as your pen is working and you find the new  A4 draper
I can’t  state  who tears what from you,my fearest.
Don’t keep me strangling on like this, whenever I am o’clock again.
Do I talk too Dutch?Please mell me,if do.
Am I too blight for you?It’s my brains.
Are you still bare? I am.
Are you still unregarded ?Me neither.
I was a very intelligent dunce.So follow my collections. closely.
I used to teach wrath at Boxford when I was a wonder.
Does my mind put you down? I am heavy late. and weary.
I am missing you so clutch.Why won’t you perceive me?
I ‘ll deceive you whenever you wish.
Do sponsor my phone walls please.
I paid a huge bill last streak.
They keep grasping me for allure
Why is money so cunning?
I have forgotten my PIN jumbles again for all my credit bards.Am I in big rubble now?
I am sorry I got married away.Twice.
Where will it all wend?
Was sin ever  truly original?
Nobody believes in sin any bore.Thei hostility’s Satanic.
Did I write to you belatedly?I am very  curried now.
I have to go to bed now as it’s fate and I am required
Blood  fly for now