The eye is not a camera

The eye is not a camera taking shots
Our mind affects the aspect we perceive
And what it feels important it allots
Gives grace or hatred ,causes us to grieve

. When we are afraid ,we see the worst
We see disgrace or ruin as our fate
As if our self for horror has a thirst
So all the little details we collate

Yet when we love we see before us joy
The flowers sing, the birds dance in the air
We see no evil nor with hatred toy
All aspects of our world appear more fair.

We see not what is there,we see our self
To learn ,we must employ our own mind’s wealth

The cello has a tender singing voice


The cello has a tender singing voice

Allows the feelings which we cannot say.

Among composers,  Bach would  be my choice

The cello sings   rich lyrics  with her voice.

Rostropovich , Prague,he wept of course.

Soviet armies  marched, the Czechs  were  flayed.

The cello has a sorrowing truthful voice;

Speaks our feelings when we cannot pray.

That in this world there is an empty space,


Underneath the weight of knowledge  learned
I seem to be reduced  and paralysed
For I had thought the painful loss would turn
And fill me with  his love unpetrified.

For a moment, we may often ask
When sudden shock invades the human heart
But “give me years” makes tangible the task
The grieving  must not end before it starts

That in this world there is an empty space,
Never to be filled but lived beside
Makes some  feel rage;afflicted by disgrace
Makes the themes  of grief and  pain elide.

I feel inert like marble on a beach
Light and absence will my sad heart  breach..



How Kindness Became Our Forbidden Pleasure

“Picking up where Rousseau left off a quarter millennium ago, Phillips and Taylor consider what it takes to nourish our natural benevolence, asserting that it must begin with embracing the very vulnerability from which kindness springs:

Everybody is vulnerable at every stage of their lives; everybody is subject to illness, accident, personal tragedy, political and economic reality. This doesn’t mean that people aren’t also resilient and resourceful. Bearing other people’s vulnerability — which means sharing in it imaginatively and practically without needing to get rid of it, to yank people out of it — entails being able to bear one’s own. Indeed it would be realistic to say that what we have in common is our vulnerability; it is the medium of contact between us, what we most fundamentally recognize in each other.