My plastic heart

My plastic heart has cracked across the base
And now for rubber I beseech my love.
For plastic organs  do not fit this case
And  live ones are too sensitive to shove.


But rubber intermediate appears
It will not crack or  splinter when I grieve
Not will it shiver when you’re near.
Nor shudder when you once again deceive.

Since it was you that  broke this little one
So sudden and so quickly did you act
My feelings and emotions are  quite gone
I recognise that you have  little tact

Oh,make us out of common stuff,dear Lord.
And , from your kingdom, pray I’m not debarred

Annie wears culottes.Would the PM?


Annie walked up Mary’s path looking smart in her  black faux ponyskin culottes and matching top.Her face and throat were well covered in  Wacom’sAllday moon beige cream foundation, with SPF 32 and her lips looked almost enchanting in rose-bay lipstick from Sansom of Milan and Venezuela.Being the morning, she wore only brown mascara, omitting her usual turquoise and purple eyeshadow and heavy perfume made from rhododendron flowers and  musk, with a dash of vinaigrette made with Palestinian olive oil.[Fair Trade]
Before leaving home, she had two hot showers and a bath just to be sure she was clean.She had washed her hair 4 times with shampoo for oily hair and 6  times with shampoo for dry hair.After that, she had washed up, had her breakfast and made some tomato jam from her bush tomato fruits.
After breakfast, she had written a  post on her website about making jam illustrated with her own photos.Then she had put in the washing and donned her faux ponyskin outfit so she could ask Mary’s opinion on it.Though Mary was by no means an expert on fashion she was still human so she might give the view of the average woman.
Annie walked up to  the porch and saw Mary had a note stuck to the door
Please ring and knock as my alarm clock is broken.Be aware that I do not wear pyjamas in bed and my nightdress is totally transparent so keep well back.
Well, thought Annie, this seems odd.Can’t she afford to have phone reminder from BT or use her mobile as an alarm?
She rang again and Mary opened the door.She was wearing a red velvet tracksuit which was quite unlike anything she’d ever worn before
I know, said Annie.You’ve got a man in there.
I beg your jargon, Mary cried.I’ve been running around the garden to get fitter.Come in  .Oh, what is that your culottes are made of?
Faux ponyskin, Annie confessed.
Does that imply some folk dress in real ponyskin>? she asked anxiously.
How ould we feel if ponies wore human skin?
OMG cried Annie.I’ll go home and change
And so will all of us