Why one should write every day




I didn’t write every day at the beginning.I only wrote when I got inspiration.But when I wanted to learn to write in form, I did it every day because I wasn’t going to get inspiration before I began.
Also , I am not writing to earn money and so if the quality of one poem is worse than others it  may surprise some people but it doesn’t affect my life.Sometimes it can help to try to understand why some  are better and what qualities they have.
Also ,you  can become inspired after you start writing.Writing humorous pieces or playing with words can sometimes throw up a good idea.
Bob Dylan could write  the words for a song in 15 minutes.Leonard Cohen could take months.Sylvia Plath wrote Ariel in a few weeks but at other times she was less prolific as she was having her children and  helping Ted Huges.
The other thing about putting them on a blog you need not use your own name, so none of your family or friends needs to know [until you get better].
You don’t have to  put them on the web,you might like just to write for yourself.However , it is good to share them as they are meant to be read or heard.
There are sites just for poetry like Poetry Soup.I was amazed how many people write.But it is addictive in a sense.
Learn   about free verse as well as form.Write all in rhymes if you like that.Do what makes you pleased.


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