Winter time

I was very ill in 2010-2011 and that is  what made me write as I could not lie down


In winter time we’re forced to give
Homes to naughty viruses
Because these little creatures
Have nowhere else to live.

They take up their abode
In our noses, in our ears.
I need some sunny weather
To make them disappear.

But we have had the coldest winter
For a hundred years.
I’ll have to hypnotise myself
Then visualise sunny days.

I bought myself a little book
From Amazon UK
You can learn self hypnosis
Just inside one day.

I dream I am reclining
On  a beach in Italy
With a beautiful  young gigolo
Lying next to me.

I dream of soft blue water
Reflecting sunny sky.
While lying on a mattress
Watching folk go by.

But when my trance is over
I come to in my bed
With a  giant box of Kleenex
Right next to my head.

I am strengthening my diaphragm
Coughing night and day
And cursing all these viruses
You should hear what I say.

But is that very wicked
As God made viruses too?
Do they have some special role,
In  enlightening me and you.?

So should we learn  to love them
As our near  neighbours.
Whilst our immune systems
Carry out their labours?

I hear the  garbage lorries
Collecting  stuff outside
I wish they’d collect my viruses,
And take them a long ride.

Because winter is so beautiful
The snow,the sun,the frost
If only I was feeling well
And was not fever tossed.

Viruses are not whole beings
They are just bits of DNA.
Nevertheless run quickly
If you see them come your way.

They carry  information
They want to  reproduce.
And if they get just near enough
They’ll put you to their use.

They are like selfish people
Who do not think of you.
Only think what  need you serve,
What they can make you do.

They are  egocentric
They want the central place
We are here to service them.
We’re just the human race!

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