Why poets write





“It’s tremendously important to me to read the work of my peers, especially women writers and especially women writers with children. Reading contemporary work makes me feel like I’m writing in conversation with other poets, that I am not alone. There are also many older poets whose poetry has been essential to my work (and my life). I wrote a memoir, MOTHERs, about my relationships with other poets. James Schuyler, Wayne Koestenbaum, Sharon Olds, Adrienne Rich, Jorie Graham, Brenda Hillman and Alice Notley. I love the strength, confidence, strangeness of Notley’s work. The bigness of it. I also admire her long, intense writerly life. I am currently rereading all of Louise Gluck and Anne Carson. I love language and can’t love poems that don’t do something incredible with language, but poetry, for me, is also about how to live a life. Poetry helps me live my life.”
—Rachel Zucker, The Pedestrians

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