Life is a film and love’s the bond.

I saw you look,I saw you stare
You liked the colour of my  hair.
I heard you speak,I felt  less bleak
Now I sit  near where you were.

I held your hand, on Southwold sands
Your hand was warm,who understands?
Your time was up,you won the lot.
I gave your grace to  those forgot.

I rode my bike,St Giles was dark
A car hit me  and I saw sparks.
You knew my name, we were the same
I saw real stars, when  shot by car.

I saw a hand turn in the sand
Life is a film and love’s the bond.
Your trust complete,I was your sweet
The end is here; it’s no defeat.

For life’s a tale we won’t bewail
You write along the  hidden trail.
Your narrative  can no more live
You  were yourself.,no more to give.

We knit the fabric  for the young
And with this gift our song is sung
The melody, sonorous be
For life is good and love is free

And yet I weep whilst I’m asleep
I wish to be with you so deep
Come back again,we’ll live the pain
We’ll weep till we  become the rain.

For fire burns and stomachs churn
We may not get what we have earned
Who is the judge,who keeps the ledge
Who will be when love’s  alleged?

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