How to live in an egg box


I was drawn into reading some articles about living in small homes.Now ,to my mind, it’s like solving a mathematical problem.What  do you know that is relevant, if anything? Does it remind you of another problem you dealt with?
So before reading anything I decided  to see what ways I can think of.
I am not going to spend a fortune on having a bed  that folds into the wall nor on buying specially designed kitchen units.What a daft name.What was wrong with the old kitchen table where I used to bake cakes  from The Penguin Jewish Cookbook which advises one to cover the  entire table in newspaper before cooking it.
Elizabeth David says to take off all your rings before mixing cakes as otherwise one guest may find a diamond ring in the sponge cake and that would be hard to reclaim..If you want to, put a 20 pence  coin in  should you wish a cracked tooth on an enemy.
Personally ,I keep my watch in the fridge and  a ring in my nose.That seems okWhat is the easiest way to live well in a small place?
One would not think Jesus was a role model for domestic  queries; however giving away all your possessions is a great  start.Maybe not ALLbut discard any surplus  clothes, utensils, and books.And only have one lover at a time as they may fight and they take up space as well.And Elastoplast is not cheap  and A and E has been knocked down
Maybe your flat/tent.carvan will look much bigger already.
The obvious things are getting utensils which are multifunctional.Washing up a lot rather than buying more cutlery.Avoid shopping as a hobby.Put things away.
If only it were this simple…… so what purpose   do these possessions serve? Perhaps owning a cat would be more pleasant.And in my case ,I can’t put things away, as there is nowhere to put them.So I am giving them away.Starting with this laptop and this horrible brown chair.

I welcome comments and criticism

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