In that silence

Sparrows (Photo credit: Sergey Yeliseev)

In the still green hedge.
I saw the lake and your reflection
And my reflection.;
and did the sparrows see
as the sun shone slant side
over the steeply falling bank?
Dd they see this natural mirror?
And my mind’s mirror
gave me new reflections
in the  reverie
Of the dreaming evening,
As I slid slowly down
Into soft slumber;
Trusting the life within,
Trusting you;
Trusting myself;
and in my reflections
I see you too,
smiling in welcome;
smiling the beautiful smile,the true smile of love itself.
The embrace of the dreaming world
and holds us
as we breathe gently
in the sweet air
of love.

2 thoughts on “In that silence

  1. The photo you attached to this post is interesting. Those birds, with black cheek patches and white collar, are Tree Sparrows, which have become quite rare in Britain, as a result of changed farm practices. There is a conservation project in Oxfordshire to help their winter survival.

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