Carl Jung Quote
Carl Jung Quote (Photo credit: Psychology Pictures)
English: Original Statue of Carl Jung in Mathe...
English: Original Statue of Carl Jung in Mathew Street, Liverpool, UK. Made of plaster, it was vandalised and replaced in 1993. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nothing worse could happen to one than to be completely understood.

Carl Jung (1875 – 1961)

An intriguing thought…

‘ow Ah used te speek

A modern reenactment of a Viking battle
A modern reenactment of a Viking battle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Photo0920  frozen 1When ah were in’t town
Ah met sum folk from up our road.
She sed,you’ve got a verry educated accent
and moreover you luk just like wa daughter in law,
She’s Danish.Am sure you must be related to her.
Ah,sed,the Vikings did get to Ireland..
I expect am descended from them.
Actually i wasn’t talking like that at first
But when they said,you have no accent I suddenly found
If Ah shut mi nostrils and kept my mouth barely open
Ah cud talk just like I used to..
But mi face is configured differently.
When I got home,I wer tellin’ mi husband
but he finds it distressin’ like;
Cud be it reminds ‘im of his dad and mam
And all the uther folk he knew when eh wer growin’ up
Bit it hurts now he’s not got them any more.
Am I putting on an act?
Which is real,what I once was,
or what I became.
Well,luv,ah’ve got numor to say now…Ta ta.
Ooh,it’s rainin’ again and the sheets are out in the backstreet.

Dark and light

Dark and light

Out of the darkness

My soul looks for new insight

By a  lonely stone,I wept,for I knew
My hoping tool had gone
My soul was a widow
Whichj  groaned
My whole being was on fire for
My whole had  made him stare,yet
My soul reached doubt in the night
My soul looks for new insight,yet
My stomach was tied up with bots from the computer and I felt very queer

My tears fell like pain
My blundering sole fell out of the ftying pan….
No one undervalues tea
No one true love is perfect
She wore pearls  strung on twine