Why People Fail at Life

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Unfortunately, I have a long history of failing. I know, I know…life is hard and we all fail from time to time. Its inevitable, because no one is perfect.  But at the stage in life I am at right now, I will have to admit to myself that I’ve taken some really dumb decisions over the years.

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The Hidden Gifts of the Financial Crisis | Building Relationship Skills



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The Hidden Gifts of the Financial Crisis | Building Relationship Skills.

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Doris Lessing


At the Nobel Prize Ceremony for one of our greatest writers

Blown away with your smoke

 ???????????????If I go I won’t tell you.

I’ll just disappear one day.

Like when a cigarette ,which seemed so long,

suddenly has become smaller

and you never noticed it

because you were talking

about the meaning of life

while life was somewhere else

blown away with your smoke

into the sky

and then dispersed

never quite visible again

but still floating on the breeze

hoping to be caught

in a butterfly net

but unable to communicate

except by flying.

If I go it will not be today

but it will be an ordinary day

no one will realise

that it’s that day

that the bird flies

from her nest

to go to a new place

only seeing the deserted nest

he realises,

my bird has flown

Don’t love as if

A map's a guide to find a world
Knitted by angels,plain or pearled,
And though you need a map as guide,
Keep your own eyes open wide.

I spent a year caught in a map
Until I found a big enough gap
I crawled out through this exit slit,
So here I am,like some half wit.

Words can act like heroin,
You live so high ,where I have been.
But onto earth I gladly fall.
air the sun the rain is all.

My senses are my lovers long-
My ears,my eyes,my skin,my tongue.
The winds caress my naked flesh,
To dwell on earth is all I wish.

I'll live with mice and birds and plants,
I'll share my food with miscreants
I'll keep my words inside a tin,
And only, now and then,go in.

I'll live with cats and spiders three.
And like a wild flower grow quite free.
I'll give my words to those who hear,
And eventually I'll disappear.
Earth to earth then ash to ash,
When soaked with rain I shall disperse.
My atoms wing like butterflies,
And to the Flower I'll fly,disguised