All Hallows Eve with Stan and Emile

All Hallows Eve

Have you ever seen a witch or a Spirit pass by?Soon it will be Hallowe’en and it’s a strange time of the year.Some people feel and see more than others.


Stan was feeling sad because the clocks had turned back so it was dark at 4pm.His wife Mary was out on her old Raleigh with battery lit lights front and rear.Stan is very vulgar sometimes as it cheers him up.When Mary gets home he did say to her once,You need a light on your behind ….Mary,like the Queen,was not amused.

Emile Stan’s cat suggested they go for a walk before sunset and so off they went as they did so  ofte.Stan wore an old green overcoat and a flat cap.Emile was running ahead as he was so excited.Sometimes he sat on the sturdy old man’s shoulder on a cat pad.

[On sale everywhere for two pounds ten and sixpence.]

Stan felt his spirits rise as he walked ,The sky was so beautiful striped in blue and peach just like it had been in the Holy Land when he went on a Pilgrimage with other old Catholics from Knittingham Cathedral

How lovely it would be to walk in the wood and feel crunchy leaves under his boots.[From Hotters ] And Emile liked to bury himself in the leaves and leap out as Stan went by.But as they approached the wood a strange sight met their eyes,,,

The trees were full but not with birds.They were full of cats.Big cats,fat cats,thin cats,pedigree cats,mixed race cats,cats of all colors and sized.You can imagine the effect of having a thousand or more cats’ eyes staring wildly at you in synchronized glares.Why,it was almost enough to send Stan running home for some brandy.

Emile went nearer.He spoke to a big black cat.What’s going on?,he mewed.You are in my territory,

The black cat looked at him with his round green eyes.

We are witches’ cats.We have come from all over Great Britain,excluding Northern Ireland as cats are not allowed on the boats now.[ no rats left]..Tomorrow is All Hallows Eve and we are accompanying our multi-ethnic ,multi colored witches on a grand flight over Knittingham…tonight we are having,The Big Sing… at midnight precisely.And then the Big Love In
Did you remember to change the time on your smartphone,asked Emile.All the cats began to giggle and laugh.

We don’t need phones or clocks.We go by the stars and the moon…though doubtless the witches have watches.

Do witches have watches?,Emile asked Stan,after telling him why the cats were there.

Old witches have watches,Stan murmured ,mesmerized by the vision of the cats swaying in the gale force winds.Thank God cats have fur,he thought lovingly.Why did he not have fur,he puzzled

Can we have a walk here or not ? he asked testily as the old do.

Well,Sir,do you recall a song from your childhood,If you go down to the woods today,you;’re sure of a big surprise.At your age,is your heart soft enough to stretch when you see five thousand cats…

I am sure I shall be ok as long as the Good Lord does not come here to feed them with five loaves and two fishes
All the cats laughed again.Stan was puzzled how they managed to stay in the trees with wind and giggles and a few scrapping and fighting as tom cats do when lady cats are near.

We are already full of fish supplied by all the local pet shops,markets and goldfish bowls!

How disgraceful, thought Stan,to eat pet goldfish.but owing to the number of crazy cats he decided to keep quiet…As he got nearer he saw a few cats smoking pipes..Well,I never knew cats smoked,he said to Emile.Maybe it’s magic mushrooms or coyote,the cat said cheekily

Do you mean peyote?,Stan said querulously.Coyote are animals…Ah, get my drift,Emile replied. cheekily

What was most strange was why this big meeting was taking place in Knittingham.Then he remembered it was the center of the UK…that must be it.Most intriguing to see all these cats.A few even had tartan ribbons on as they were from Scotland.But how did they travel so far.No doubt it was all arranged by the Chief Wizard.

Somehow Stan and Emile felt self conscious as the cats were almost glaring at them,reminding Stan of an occasion when he and his wife had wandered by accident onto a remote beach for nude,suntanned men.The looks they gave the old folk were far from kind as they wore the usual anoraks, old trousers and sunhats.Even Emile had blue  jeans and a mac!

So he and Emile turned round and headed for home… at least they were forewarned of the midnight concert they and Mary would hear.Stan made some tea with twice as many tea bags as he was concerned he might get PTSD or worse,maybe kittzoscreamia.This poor man was blessed with a  very vivid imagination and weak. long nerves more suitable for an artist

.When Mary came in from the University he called out,,

We have had the most amazing day,Mary….But Mary was wearing a pointed black hat and cloak…. and a big smile.I know what you mean,Stan….I am just off to take a peek myself.She picked up her broomstick and rode away into the darkening sky.~to think one could be both a witch and a mathematician,,though numbers have a certain magic of their own for some humans and even some birds can count

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