Whatever is true

The students said  I was too warm to be British,so turn off your heating now or face  execution as a  traitor.What people forget is we Brits are a mixed race… then we have the nerve to call people,wogs,dagos and foreigners.we are all foreigners here apart from the Welsh.

Some students told me their dreams;s,anything to avoid studying Lacan

I  personally found quantum theory helps to avoid emotions

and topology  is useful for dressmakers and knitters

Dreams and love are all very well… if you are a millionaire.Till then keep on with figures,asymmetry and words.And courtesy.Obscenity is for dummies or the fragile

Friends are no use unless you are a real person.Whatever she is.

Schizophrenia is to some extent cowardliness………….keep your feet on the ground and say straight out what you mean without entering into wordplay,fey ways,being a seer and seeing how life veers.Be plain.You have a right to your views but speak kindly

Some bulls are only  e-male.

Depression is mainly the result of being driven.So give up the chauffeur and take your time.

Find your own rhythm and stick to it.

Some loose women are fast  and vice versa.Isn’t logic trying?

I was so thin  when I began lecturing I got half fare on the bus and I was 25.So studying keeps you young.Never say Schoenberg aagain.

I was so thin then I bought children’s clothes but now I am  twice the size.Then they said I might have TB,now they say I could get diabetes.Take your pick……there’s something in me that will never take the middle way.My middle gets in the way.

We all eat too much considering how little we do.Bring back the scrubbing  board,brush and hard green soap.But if I eat less I faint…. what an ‘orrible feeling as your vision shrinks to a pinpoint and you sweat all over but more on the top of the head…. and you throw yourself onto the floor… or the ceiling.

Once we were having a meal with another couple…with one of those heated plate things on the table.I passed out and for years they talked about it.They divorced later and blamed me!Still,I gave them something to talk about so maybe I helped.Take the rough and smooth it

If you get disturbed stop introspecting and sweep the floor or the pavement.Do useful things with your hands and help others.Be polite even if you think they are the Devil,.Even if it really is be nice…He is only  human,after all.

God is Love and  plain as plain.

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This is a review of Penelope Fitzgerald’s biography by the well known Hermione Lee.

But the main reason I am putting  it  here is that it will tell you about her lovely books,not to mention her unusual life.She was the niece of the Fr Ronald Knox,the famous convert to Catholicism.Her grandfather was an Anglican Bishop.Despite all that plus a first from Oxford she managed to live  a  life of weird poverty….

He makes me wet my elf daily.

English: Logo of No Nonsense
English: Logo of No Nonsense (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
centre (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All the praise has gone to  my tongue.

I feel very reimbursed.

Can I ring whine,whine whine,please?

Can I test  the Samaritans?

My face was read and I was flown to the door.

I was so nervous I bled .

The doctor never whistles for me any more.

She said I was the test!

He said,he’s  never hated a woman like me before.

There is always that first rhyme.Chime.

Does your bladder  make you frown?

He makes me wet my elf daily.

I  deranged his new duvet on the bed.

He was totally lighted

He  fainted me quite  naked.

She found cotton bulls handy

I was disseminating.I rest my case.It was my time off

MUSIC: 200603-200803 Listening History Graph
MUSIC: 200603-200803 Listening History Graph (Photo credit: Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL))

the runs

I am a rude model.

Is  it a portrait of  me as I might have dreamed?

Why do we get the runs when verbs take over?

Vivian Gornick and her writing [including an interview]



I’m au fait,you are auto da fe.

I CAN EXPLAIN EVERYTHING … (Photo credit: mrbill78636)

What a toad of evil.Re laugh
Damned if you bare and damned if you swear.It’s obscene or a scheme for a wife.
He flinched at my heat and then did a runner.
Strangle a carrot and hunt for a whim.You will be deprived of words
He’s a cart horse trying to make out with a gazelle on steroids
The day came late when a follower took fright and I killed my blog by a blow
What is as dead as door mail?
Think not that the postman is no longer doing a service.
I am late as your dead cats pounced on me by the gate… for ghosts they sure can bite
Dead presidents don’t ring twice
You head wringer!You neck clinger!Leave me alone…don’t torture my verbs
I said it to give my defence not to give offence.Anyway he took offence and ran off
He gave a deadly flow to my brain..he savaged my self esteem.Now mt emotional intelligence has gone  too far
I’m au fait,you’re auto da fe
Health by a thousand cuts this winter in the NHS
I saw fear in his headlights…akka his eyes..
Dig for the cold bloggers in Iceland
Why dip your brow in the water when the horse won’t drink it?
Does dirt weep inside the vacuum cleaner and why do vacuums need cleaning?
You can have milk from my breast… how it got there is a mystery
Do words fly?
Does God ever cry?
And why?

Winds that blow. Leaves that glow.

English: Wayland Smithy in Autumn Taken in a l...
English: Wayland Smithy in Autumn Taken in a late Autumn. A carpet of leaves making the ancient monument glow (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After summer’s sultry flowers,
We get autumn showers.

Winds that blow.
Leaves that glow.
Nature’s wealth is ours.

Harvest grain and harvest corn.
All our food from earth is born.

Warmth of sun-
Ripeness come-
Fruits and nuts adorn.

Trees are turning red and gold
In the glancing sun.

Leaning down I see your face.
Autumn love has come.

Philosophy blogs


A little hard but good and worth noting

Heidegger and other scholars


This is very interesting and not too difficult…he gives a longer account than I have seen elsewhere.

I can’t understand fully but am drawn to it  wondering about our  problems now

I’ll try and try all by myself.I don’t need anybody


I am absolutely determined to relax.

I’ll relax even if it kills me.

I shall not be beaten

I’ll try  and try

and if that doesn’t work…

I am sure I can think of some way to achieve

the most relaxed state a human being has ever reached

Because I have to win.

Even if it kills me.

Obsession,it’s the. new way to relax.

My will power is astonishing.

I am better than you

Thinking,not living?


Sometimes we think too much.22261308-circus-artists
Is thinking always bad?
Thoughtfulness is praised
but sometimes we need just to perceive;
To lose ourselves in this world
In the sun and in the rain
In the joy and in the pain.
We must engage
in the game of living,
though some
seem better than others,
like those children who stood on their heads,
or turned cartwheels.
I envied them,was awkward,clumsy,

Was already thinking too much

about the reasons for people’s behaviour
and looking for the patterns;

Was I a sinner?Where was Love?
Do we discover  patterns or create them?
Some can live with chaos more easily.
Better not think about that.
Better to see the sun hitting the water
and the ripples where the geese swam;
We have to face life in the end

Play wholeheartedly

Take the knocks and come back.

Keep tumbling

And flying.

God save the Queen

As if I were

November (Photo credit: Cape Cod Cyclist)

I was walking behind you

on the footpath

by the river

and I stopped for a moment because

I could see some wrens inside a shrub.

When I looked up

I saw you were

quite far away and  walking fast

as if you were already leaving me

and going on to

the next phase.

The sun shone on the playing field,

It was obscenely green for November,

as if to deny the end of the year

is getting nearer.

I left the wrens fluttering

inside the shrub

and hurried after you

as the swans eyed their five cygnets

and a few drops of rain

ran down my cheek

as if I were weeping

in the sunshine.

You looked smaller,

more determined,

as if anxious

to be off….

A thin poem

POETRY SOCIETY POSTCARD (Photo credit: summonedbyfells)

I have to write

these very thin poems


my hand hurts


if I make them thin

they look longer

as if I’ve written

much more

than I really have.

And also

it’s easier to read

a short line

than a very long one like I sometimes write when I get that feeling


wanting to tell you

the whole story.

But now

this way

You have plenty of lines

To read between.

See what I mean?

It gives you more

chance to invent it yourself

which means

I talk to you and you

talk to me

even when we can’t hear.

What is a poem so thin called?

I got my linear poetic licence now.

So I’ll write

as best I can

and listen for an answer!

Linear or non-linear.

As we say

It’s the thought that counts.

Tutorial. Working from a colour ground, using watercolour/Gouache

So beautiful.just look!

My Life as an Artist (2)

Given that we have entered a truly Brave New World, it is time to re-think everything.

Like everyone else my plans have been changed and so I will not be giving a course at the School in Portugal this April….however, what I plan to do is mimic my course here during the week of 15th til 22nd April which will include daily demonstrations  and tutorials. 

We will need to use our collective imaginations with regards to the wonderful atmosphere of the school, the fabulous people, food,  (including wine and ice cream:) and of course sunshine.   (http://www.artinthealgarve.com)

A watercolour of  courtyard from my course at the School last October…20191104_091721Meanwhile I will continue to give tutorials to hopefully keep everyone’s creative juices flowing during these most difficult of times.


Here I am using watercolour and designer gouache.

Watercolour is a transparent medium….Designer Gouache is an opaque watercolour medium. 

In this…

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Judgment is not measurable in numbers,so it does not exist!


A public demonstration of aerobic exercises
A public demonstration of aerobic exercises (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Photo1745Well.I read the Times,The Guardian and The Independent yesterday.And all I remember is that pink coats and pnted trousers are in fashion  and that the USA has read all my posts and emails including myriads of love letters or love mails.Joan Collins was raped on a date at 17 and later married the man.Very mysterious.I read the I on S today and did half a crossword before doing aerobic exercise whilst lying  on my bed.Meanwhile the sun shines and my joints ache.It’s correlation ,not causation.Just because you fell downstairs  doesn’t mean that’s why your leg broke.It was a coincidence….this is philosophy of science!

And the biggest issue for some of us that staff  in hospitals are worried  the facilities  in  the NHS are already over stretched before winter has started.So if I get chest pain I shall all not go there;I’ll just pass over quietly.Since when is it good for me to lie on a trolly for 13 hours in a noisy corridor and be given morphine after the pain has gone better?Then when you do need it they won’t give it to you.I felt it was like Alice in Wonderland.Blunderland?They treat you by a rubric not by assessing your actual condition… that’s my view.
I think it’s for legal reasons.Judgment may be left out as it’s not measurable it does not exist