Can toes feel bliss?

humour (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My frame has gone  for a test again
Gang slang… no bells rang in my head
Let  the ball  start folding when you reach the boundary  value problem
Set your life with gelatine.
Polish your shoes with cream of calculi
Get a broomstick on wheels.. you’ll bebewitched
Get a bird in the hedge to tell lies for you
Get a call mucked up by Nogaphone
Get a briar full  of sorrow to smoke
Get back   into the hearse,sir
Let her get out while the rowing’s  in a flood
Met a crotch down the close once.In a clinch
She has that frown without days are jumbled
I never let it  disinfect me
Tetalogue or decalogue…it’s up to la rue now
Did you believe in  a  Sacred Rod?
Please set  me off  now    .I’m a clockwork collage
They set out  from my hedge but it’s not my defeasibility
Get out  of my bier…I  just need to be alone
Get out my hair.I have nits already
Get over my  rump now
What a  nook for a love in.Who shall we loan?
Drink  to  his ass for it is perfectly tensed
Get up off that cat,,,I need it to kill a rat
Sex with a slogan.Lust  if you must………..but do not  ever dust
Sex and you both harm me
Get your  luck into flow…Mihail told you so
Can feet laugh?

English: Boundary value problem for an arbitra...
English: Boundary value problem for an arbitrary shape (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Can lips hiss?Can toes feel bliss?

I see the sun through closed eye lids

English: Poppies and cornflowers in Jubilee Park.
English: Poppies and cornflowers in Jubilee Park. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Cornflowers (Photo credit: simone-walsh)









English: Buttercup meadow The shorter creeping...
English: Buttercup meadow The shorter creeping buttercups (Ranunculus repens) are most popular in this field however patches of the much taller meadow buttercup (Ranunculus acris) are abundant. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Underneath the deep sky,sweetheart,
You shall be the one.
You were with me in the dark
When all the rest were gone.

When the trees grow their green leaves,
I’ll love you all night long.
When the flowers fill the cornfields
Love shall be our song.

Poppies red.and linseed blue
Shall decorate my dress.
Hold me in your arms tonight
While I my love confess.

Meadows filled with buttercups
Fill my inner eye.
I love the scent of minty leaves
When my mind is all awry.

I see the sun through closed eye lids
And rose scent’s in the air.
Wherever summer joy comes from….
We have had our share

Anticipating surgery

So moving


I’ve been struggling with how to write this post for some time, knowing that it was inevitably coming. On the one hand, this feels so incredibly personal to me, and I feel some unease in talking about it in this somewhat public medium that is read by people with whom I normally maintain some sense of boundaries. Like my professors. Or my parents. Or Miko’s teachers. And on the other hand, writing this blog has been such a gift to me, for which I have been doubly reinforced. First, by the act of writing itself; sharing my personal process has been instrumental in moving me through it. Creating something, even if it’s just this electronic account of my feelings, during a time in which it is all too easy to only think about sickness and death, has fed me in a way I can’t quite describe. And second, by the…

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I don’t know

English: W. Somerset Maugham British writer
English: W. Somerset Maugham British writer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It wasn’t until late in life that I discovered how easy it is to say, ‘I don’t know.’
W. Somerset Maugham

Touching with tenderness

Fennecus, vulpes cavaiissima cum auribus maior...
Fennecus, vulpes cavaiissima cum auribus maioribus. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Body Farm
Body Farm (Photo credit: ZenOptic)


Amyloidosis, H&E Most of the amyloid consisted...
Amyloidosis, H&E Most of the amyloid consisted of acellular pink globules that effaced and expanded the node, but this image shows the characteristic involvement of blood vessel walls (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Let your lips meet gently,

the top one resting against the lower,

touching with tenderness

your own skin to skin.

Forefinger propped on chin,

I let the others dangle,

like leaves on a branch;

how softly gravity tugs them downwards.

Let heart beat quietly,slowly

as the blood circulates

carrying its music,

a river,

following the path of least resistance.

How the blood vessels receive willingly this flow,

touching it kindly as with tiny open fingers,

helping and being helped.

How the hair on the head


on the breeze,

like tentacles of an octopus

waving goodbye.

Top eyelid loves the lower one;

as we blink they touch

like lovers kissing swiftly

behind a tree.

and how the light comes in

we see a world.

[mine may not be yours,]

but the blink of my eyelid

sends waves through the air,

so we’re all touching and being touched,

lips kissing each other,

kiss all living creatures.

skin to skin.

air to air.

And inside us,the rich darkness

of creative night

transforms,in turn,

these touches

into dreams.




It runs in the family

Zebras (Photo credit: flöschen)


photo1049_001Oh,yes,I do lovely handwriting

Just like my dad.

It runs in the family

And I like chip sandwiches with butter

It runs in the family.

No,I can’t do cryptic crosswords.

Or enigmatic looks.

It runs in the family.

I read too many clever books

Instead of earning money.

It just runs in the family.

Yes,we are all music freaks.

We listen to Schubert and Schoenberg all night.

It runs in the family.

We are all impolite.

But we can’t help it cos

It runs in the family.

Yes,we all use four letter words,

It’s a free country,besides,

It runs in the family!

And no we can’t write poetry,you see

Writing doesn’t run in my family.

But,we all practice monogamy,

So far,though, unsuccessfully,because

Adultery runs in the family.

Which puts a slightly different complexion on the phrase

“It runs in the family”

But, alas,all of my ancestors are dead.

It runs in the family!

Tutorial 4. Establishing consistency to work.

Well worth doing this 15 minutes a day exercise

My Life as an Artist (2)

Throughout my years of painting and teaching, I have heard many times the frustration of those who would like to explore their creativity, but seem unable to establish consistency in their work.

Remember it’s better to do a quick warm up exercise for fifteen minutes a day than to have marathon painting sessions twice a year!

I would suggest three elements be put into place to do this exercise.

1) Pick the same 15 minutes every day – make sure it’s a time that works for you.
2) Set up a small table, such as a card table, which doesn’t have to be moved or cleared.
3) Turn off mobiles, or any other potential distractions.

It takes 28 days to form a new habit. If you follow this simple format three things will occur….
Consistency, technical skills, and most importantly observational skills will improve.

You can read more about this…

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