Mary writes a letter

ImageThe Pilchards.

23,Sweetnames Avenue


Near Nottingham.


Dear Jane

Hope you are keeping well in this unusually cold spring weather.Stan has had flu.It made him so bad tempered and waspish that I took up the Duraglit polish and got him to polish all the brass,except the front door knob, as that doesn’t come off.Mind you,it made the bedroom smell odd… a mistake,perhaps…so I sprinkled lavender oil around.

He seems to get thinner and I seem to get fatter.So our average w eight remains constant.What a relief.I’d like to be weighed as a married woman.Can you believe this..I’ve got chilblains! It’s those dratted blood vessels of mine.Still,I polished some old plum colored leather boots and wear them in the house.We seem to be doing polishing frequently here.. boots,furniture,apples.

How is your new book “Nonsense:A.N.Whitehead and Lewis Carroll” coming on?Hope it’s progressing….to a nonsensical ending.I’ve got a new book of poetry coming out in April [from Polar bears publishers] It’s called,”An unpolished performance.”My fourth book on Wittgenstein’s cats is almost finished.And the publishers can’t wait for the photographs…I’ll get a friend to do those for me!!It gives me a change from all that polishing.I’ve begun to talk to myself out loud…. in the street.Just seeing if I can still do my old Lancashire accent.I suppose it might worry people but no one has said anything as yet.They may be afraid.

“That which is unsaid can,nevertheless,still be heard.

Stan is still involved romantically with Anne, our next door neighbor.I can’t blame him as chilblains and Wittgenstein  are not very romantic.When I think of how we used to be,it makes me smile and feel sadness too.I wonder if I can find someone new for a romance,myself… someone with Asperger’s syndrome possibly…as I’ve just been diagnosed.It’s quite common in mathematicians.It may be an advantage in concentrating a lot.I need a boyfriend with weak eyes as my clothes are all full of moth holes and I’m damned if I’m going to buy new ones.I can’t see well enough to darn but I’ve sewn the holes up neatly thus giving a strange pleated effect to my clothes.On my merino wool knitted trousers, one hole was right on the ass.It looks now as if I’ve been shot in the rear…but I can’t see it.So it does not exist.Sometimes in the past I would iron on those motifs like butterflies…but I think it would look odd having a butterfly just there…. or indeed anything else like wild rose.I could make a little sign saying

“Keep clear,from my rear.This is a hole where a moth scored a goal.”

Still,not many people are going to look there now I hope….I seem to have stopped knitting but am still drawing.Meantime I’ve just ironed some of my winter clothes as it’s still chilly..and am planning to iron all my pink and blue knickers now as I believe it kills any germs left when you wash at 30 deg.I got those colors in case I should change sex or is it gender?I wonder if I should iron the sheets?Could I do it while they are on the bed?I don’t wash them much as it wears them out and me too.I am going to take up baking again because Stan is getting so thin.I  fancy a Russian cheesecake as it had a lot of protein in it.I have a genuine Russian cookbook and also am waiting for a delivery of a Jewish cookery book as I have lost it fell down onto my head last week.God only knows where that came from.but I believe there were good cheesecakes as Jewish cooking has much in common with Russian,perhaps because once many Jews lived in Russia.I just made friends with one here….he is charming and like me he hates golf.He used to have  his own business…He has a lovely collection of hats too.

I have got almost all the Penguin cookery books ever printed but mislaid a few.In fact it’s quite hard to get into the kitchen with all these books on the shelves.And a little food.

I was comforted to read that the parent’s of John Burra,the artist,had books piled every where in their large house….and he was very untidy too.So all I need is talent and practice and I’ll be an artist.After all,anyone can be untidy but not everyone will practice their Art.I’d like to practice the arts of love.They say you should love your neighbor as yourself,but personally I prefer the neighbor or even the milkman to myself.Meanwhile I’m happy with Emile our cat and my 500 photos of Wittgenstein.I shall make Stan a lemon sponge pudding.That is the love he wants…Food.

“If music be the food of love I’ll cohabit with a pure white dove.
And while he coos and sings for me.
I’ll try not to :fall out of the tree,
Get stung by a bee,
Have psychotherapy
Make more enemies,
Let my thought free,
Hurt my knee.
Let moths frighten me.

Well,time for some tea.Now Jane, please write to me soon.I love to see your so strangely beautiful handwriting and to hear about Whitehead and Cambridge and all the weird dons. I hope it’s not too damp and cold there near that river.Keep warm and make a note of any intriguing happenings to relate to me.And anything beautiful you can see or hear.I hope Edward is writing regularly..where is he doing his research now… did you say Stanford.Maybe you should install Skype..then again,perhaps not as you would have towash your hair too much… and comb it too…perhaps we could wear wigs.

Do write soon,Love always,Mary

So good to miss,so hard not to kiss

Mileage Out of Bicycle Parts
Mileage Out of Bicycle Parts (Photo credit: cobalt123)
Carl Jung
Carl Jung (Photo credit: Psychology Pictures)
Loneliness doesn't come from having no one aro...
Loneliness doesn’t come from having no one around you, but from being unable to communicate the things that are important to you. -Carl Jung (Photo credit: deeplifequotes)


Since you went away

I miss your tenderness

I miss your affection

I miss your music

I miss your humor

I miss your voice

I miss your hands

I miss your bony shape


I don’t have to hear how the shadow side of your literary persona is feeling…. usually terrible

I don’t even have to know you are not your literary persona.

Was it all that literary?

More pretentious

By the way,it was Jung who invented the term persona for a front we put on

I don’t have to hear your view on a topic I know more about than you but you hate to admit it

I don’t have to pretend to be less intelligent than you

I don’t have to tolerate your sulking for days

I don’t have to spend my money on books you think I should read… especially on politics

I don’t have to worry if my art is better or worse than yours

I don’t have to tolerate your extreme rigidity…it’s hard sleeping with a board!

And a beard!

I hate most of your favorite foods

I don’t have to act like a mother to you… a good mother,that is

I  like the space you have left.

Sometimes we really do need more space.

I don’t have to wear a pretty but chilly  nightgown

I can read all night and play with the cat

I can go out with the man whom I met in the museum of modern art

I can drink all the tea in the pot


The Toilet Function of Friendship | Psychology Today

English: Group photo in front of Clark Univers...
English: Group photo in front of Clark University Sigmund Freud, G. Stanley Hall, Carl Jung; Back row: Abraham A. Brill, Ernest Jones, Sándor Ferenczi. Photo taken for Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts publication. Česky: Foto z Clarkovy univerzity roku 1909. Dole (zleva) Sigmund Freud, G. Stanley Hall, Carl Jung, nahoře (zleva) Abraham A. Brill, Ernest Jones, Sándor Ferenczi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Toilet Function of Friendship | Psychology today.

This is interesting because I think people do dump on others without realising what they are doing… that’s what I have experienced

And the misconception that talking is always good and restraint is bad.Talking can be a waste of time if the conversation is not with an appropriate person.When people share deep feelings at the right time.that can be invaluable

Short extract

“The metaphor that comes to mind for an alternative style of communication is a “sounding board,” because it means that when you transmit information about a difficulty or question, something comes back. To go beyond mere listening is a risky thing to do; you may be experienced as “unsupportive” or judgmental if you say something truthful and difficult, but for me, that’s what real friendship means.”

Why Love Hurts: A Sociological Explanation | General | Times Higher Education

English: English band "Hurts" while ...
English: English band “Hurts” while performing at “Magazzini Generali” in Milano, Italy Italiano: Il gruppo inglese “Hurts”, mentre si esibiscono ai “magazzini Generali” a Milano (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Love Hurts (Incubus song)
Love Hurts (Incubus song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why Love Hurts: A Sociological Explanation | General | Times Higher Education.


This is truly fascinating.Love is not determined by our personalities alone.The nature of our society affects how we can feel.It seems since more “equality” came in…[ironic smile] that eroticism has declined.I wonder if that’s why soft porn novels are so popular… people are trying to feel more erotic?So if you are able to write  Sixty Maids  in the Hay you can become rich even though you may still feel no love.

Forty wanks in the bank

Fifty  semi-ruined romances

Thirty tumbles in the jungle

Ninety naughty nude knights at arms

Ten good men and how I found them

Ten swingers with bling

Deep color

Deep color


My cat

Male tabby cat
Male tabby cat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Feeling the sadness in my heart
and in my arms a tender feeling
as if the flesh is calling out;
My breath’s coming in gasps and
my throat makes a murmur
as if trying to speak.

Sensitive skin on my inner arms yelps
and my heart aches like
I’ve run too many miles .
My legs feel strong
My mouth is dry and my back
needs an arm around it
for protection.
My eyes are wet with the moisture
that might have made saliva.

My cat died
And then my other cat died.

Questions about Israel

Protest against the Israeli attack on the Pale...
Protest against the Israeli attack on the Palestinians of Gaza held at the State Library 4 January 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Photos of empty poison gas canisters ...
English: Photos of empty poison gas canisters and the hair of Jews, taken inside the memorial museum in the Auschwitz camp. z Taken by User:Palthrow. A picture (left) of Zyklon B canisters which produce a deadly gas. (Right) human hair from the people sent to these camps (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
David Ben-Gurion (First Prime Minister of Isra...
David Ben-Gurion (First Prime Minister of Israel) publicly pronouncing the Declaration of the State of Israel, May 14 1948, Tel Aviv, Israel, beneath a large portrait of Theodor Herzl, founder of modern political Zionism, in the old Tel Aviv Museum of Art building on Rothshild St. The exhibit hall and the scroll, which was not yet finished, were prepared by Otte Wallish. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From George Steiner

“Essentially powerless for some two thousand years, the Jew in exile, in his ghettos, amid the equivocal tolerance of gentile societies, was in no position to persecute other human beings. He could not, whatever his just cause, torture, humiliate, or deport other men and women. This was the Jew’s singular nobility, a nobility that seems to me far greater than any other. I hold it as axiomatic that anyone who tortures another human being, be it under compelling political, military necessity, that anyone who systematically humiliates or makes homeless another man, woman, or child, forfeits the core of their own humanity. The imperative of survival, the ethical ambiguities of its settlement in what was Palestine (by what sophistry does a non believing, – non-practising Israeli invoke God’s promise to Abraham?), have forced Israel to torture, to humiliate, to expropriate — though often to a lesser degree than its Arab and Islamic enemies. The State lives behind walls. It is armed to the teeth. It knows racism. In short: it has made of Jews ordinary men.”