Trust the unknown force that grew you,

Trust in God and fly away
Trust in God and fly away (Photo credit: Martin Gommel)

Trust the unknown force that grew you,
From the joining of two cells.
Act of love, of self giving,
Thus to grow a newer self.


Trust the dark,the unseen aspects
Of the life we all do live.
Trust that there is wisdom elsewhere,
To your emptiness to give.


Wait in patience for the time
When inspiration comes at last
Trust in darkness,silence,lowness.
Opposition forms the cross.


Pain is bearable in lowness,
Like the worm in earth I dwell.
When I look I see the sunrise


And I trust all shall be well.


The foreigner – Straniera – Străina

Lovely poetry and images… check your languages too.Romanian is like you Catholics…read and enjoy

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual post: English, Italian and Romanian translations by me

you like the symbols
beyond these are hidden the essences
you love… the love
beyond the love there is only emptiness
We are educated to have models and rules
We spend all… through the filters fools
Life passes by us as a foreigner. … hey, wait for me…!


ami i simboli
oltre questi sono nascoste le essenze
ami l’ amore
oltre l’amore c’è solo il vuoto
Siamo educati ad avere modelli e regole
Passiamo tutto attraverso i filtri sciocchi
La vita passa accanto a noi come una straniera. …ehi, aspettami…!


iubești simbolurile
dincolo de acestea se ascund esențele
iubești iubirea
dincolo de ea este doar vidul
Suntem educați să avem modele și norme
Trecem totul prin filtre neghioabe
Viața trece pe lângă noi ca o străină. Hei, așteaptă-mă…!

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Eros in philosophy

English: Amor stringing his bow, Roman copy af...
English: Amor stringing his bow, Roman copy after Greek original by Lysippos. Musei Capitolini, Rome. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Eros. Attic red-figure bobbin, ca. 470 BC–450 BC.
Eros. Attic red-figure bobbin, ca. 470 BC–450 BC. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Eros in philosophy

This is an especially good article from the NYT.The comments are interesting,

Cock and bull stories

[Hitterdals Church, Telemarken (i.e, Telemark)...
[Hitterdals Church, Telemarken (i.e, Telemark), Norway] (LOC) (Photo credit: The Library of Congress)
Church HDR
Church HDR (Photo credit: I_am_Allan)

Some bulls are only  e-male.

The Pope has his own bull…..why can’t he have two so they can mate!They don’t like sex in the Church but they could go to  a

meadow of buttercups

I  have seen cow pats but never bullshit..I never let a bull shit near me.

Some people enjoy bullfights.They like the inevitability of it.Like  death.

How about bullets… are they young bulls?

And bulletins are premature bullets,I imagine..

It’s the cows I feel sorry for.

Seven causes, seven cures for lack of motivation

Andilly - Avenue des Cures 01
Andilly – Avenue des Cures 01 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Seven causes, seven cures for lack of motivation.

Worth a peek if you suffer from feeling over whelmed,bored  or you are a sucker for articles that help you to improve when you are already almost perfect and are happy with your life.And/or you love have time on your hands and no watch.You  are old,young,rich,poor…mad about knowing how to live.

There once was a woman so clever

Her knickers were made of real leather

When asked how they smelled

She said,I can’t tell

If it’s me or it’s them, or the weather.


Social Sciences
Social Sciences (Photo credit: Mark Sadowski)

Lovers flee

LOVE and CARE for you , my Dearest!!!
LOVE and CARE for you , my Dearest!!! (Photo credit: Thai Jasmine (…Smile..))


When yet another lover flees my bed
and leaves me cold and lonely in the night,
I wonder is it unkind words I may have said,
Or is it that my eyes have lost

Sweet Noise
Sweet Noise (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

their light?

I lure them in with all my female arts.
They feel I’m like a spider with a trap.
to lure ,devour,digest my foolish guests,
They think there should be warnings on the map,

But some who find me feel they have been blessed.
I give them my attention and desire
I give them tender care and sing sweet songs.
I give them comfort like a winter fire

Oh,come back,sweet one,don’t desert me yet,
The clothes I washed for you are still quite wet!




Let time flow at a slower speed under your control

This is interesting

creative journey



Living in a society with the increasingly hectic, overstimulated and restless environment, have you ever wished to slow down time or at least the perception of it? A Germany student named Lorenz Potthast felt exactly this way. As a result, he created “the Decelerator Helmet”.

The Decelerator Helmet is a piece of avant-garde headgear that allows the wearer a perception of the world in slow motion.

Inside the helmet is a camera with video signal and a netbook. The netbook slows down information from the camera by way of a program Potthast wrote in vvvv. Outside the helmet hangs on a Head-Mounted Display. It receives the speed of the video stream regulated by the netbook and thus is capable of mirroring the images the user sees on the video glasses in the inside of the helmet for people on the outside to see. To actually determine the speed of the video stream, a remote control is necessary.  This…

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Be curious about life and feelings not afraid

This is based partly on something I read years ago and partly on my own experience


Relate to a painful emotion with curiosity,interest,acceptance or politeness instead of fear.

And do the same with people….

Because fear tightens us up and lessens our ability to perceive.

And perception is  crucial in decision and judgment.

Change your perceptions and you change yourself without force.Will power is force which often cannot achieve our longed for wishes and hopes.

Snow will melt and fires will go out.But Wisdom is always here for those who can see


Writing if

If writing changed anything, they’d make it illegal

If writing was good for one,Sylvia Plath would be 81 now.

If writing made money,I’d be in a big white house now.

If writing was banned,we’d all have to talk in code.

If writing were mathematics,a poem would be pied beauty.

If writing   were music,we’d all be on a sliding scale.

If writing were dreaming,I’d be you

Late rose

A rose by any other name might be a tweet.

A nose by any other name could be  a beak

Our foes by any other name might make us weep.

Writing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Eeh,I ,Oh. I love you so!

Geo ti guarda
Geo ti guarda (Photo credit: silgeo)

I’ll draw a graph of Mother Earth
I’ll need a lot of paper.
It won’t be easy,I know that,
But Geo’s my alma mater.

Geo came into our maths class.
We had to find her metre.
If we did then we could write
A poem with which to greet her.

With ologies and eulogies,
The earth is deep in waste.
Give me some green graph charts
I’ll do some cut and paste.

I’ll rearrange the entire globe,
Without a deal of fuss.
If anybody notices
They won’t know it was us!

I’ll put all the mountains in the world
Into one continent.
And if I am that way inclined
The globe will look quite bent.

Ill put the lions and tigers too
Into Parliament.
Let them eat not cake but men
And don’t charge them a rent.

I’ll paste all the seas that I find
Onto my washing line.
With less water around the world
The weather should be fine.

Oh Geo was a darling child,
So promising and bright.
Mixed up with the graphs and charts
I hope she’ll see the light.

I’ll put all the stars into a box
We have far too many.
Yet only one sun and one moon,
So,would you like to buy any?

Geo return,I love you so.
I’ll give up cut and paste to show.
That you are all I’ll ever know,

and i do love you so

Belmont Club » The Stand of the Centurions


English: Yom Kippur War 1973 on the Golan heights
English: Yom Kippur War 1973 on the Golan heights (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Belmont Club » The Stand of the Centurions.


The horror of the Yom Kippur War in Israel/surrounding countries.It was a shock of gigantic proportions to Israel/


English: Map of Israel territories after the Y...
English: Map of Israel territories after the Yom Kippur War (1973-1979). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The Natural Depth in Man


Wilson Van Dusen was a very interesting man.Some of his views I am unsure of but his book,The Natural Depth in Man,shows how much we don’t see normally when we look at others.

He was a mystic in a sense.And he worked with people with severe disturbances.His definition of  madness that it renders the person useless.Also introspection is bad when one is in a vulnerable state.. better to do useful,practical tasks like sweeping the floor.And always be polite.In other words,stay in touch with others and this world.

I didn’t know I knew


“Once I begin the act of writing, it all falls away; the view from the window, the tools, the talismans, and I am unconscious of myself… one’s carping inner critics are silenced for a time… there is always a surprise, a revelation. During the act of writing, I have told myself something that I didn’t know I know.”

Gail Godwin