Hands reach

Hands reach

To be or not to be a hand

38 Dishonest Tricks of Argument by Thouless

Ancient Greek alphabet
Ancient Greek alphabet (Photo credit: GeoNando)
Solomon (Photo credit: Lawrence OP)
Pan(Straight and Crooked Thinking)
Pan(Straight and Crooked Thinking) (Photo credit: danielweiresq)
The first four letters of the Ashuri alphabet;...
The first four letters of the Ashuri alphabet; using the font DavkaStam. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

38 Dishonest Tricks of Argument Thouless

I have  got this book somewhere :Straight and Crooked Thinking by Robert Thouless and it’s very good….Logic is important but all sorts of tricks can be used to persuade us of viewpoint which may be untrue

This is a fascinating website too.. if  you’d like to know more about the Hebrew alphabet and how crucial it is for it Christians to see the importance of  the Hebrew Bible and to understand it…

And look out for my new book

Nerds of the Bible [smile]

with apologies to Solomon

Dreams may often lie

English: The photographer's wedding ring and i...
English: The photographer’s wedding ring and its heart-shaped shadow in a dictionary. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No sight is like the rising of sun
When promises of dreams seem  clear and still
My heart ,though pained,can fancy  love has come
Without hard times and exercise of will.

No morning is without new dawn of hope
When all our conflicts shall be put aside.
Imagination is  far flung in scope,
Never  noting dreams may fraughtly lie.

No love is like my long lost love for you
Once known,once felt,it settles in the heart.

Yet I do believe love can be found anew
But only when the lost  true love  departs.

So bother me no more with reveried bliss.
Go leave me with my  life,though all’s amiss

National Poetry Month Display @ Forest Hills
National Poetry Month Display @ Forest Hills (Photo credit: mySAPL)

Beech Trees



Yesterday we were blessed with another beautiful, albeit cold, day. Time for a visit to the Ashridge Estate – a favourite area of protected woodland, close to Ivinghoe Beacon and Bluebell woods that have been familiar sites for posts on this blog in the past.

Beech Trees produce a beautiful palette of colours in Autumn, they are one of the most eye-catching of British trees. Yesterday I took images in my usual style – getting up-close to the individual leaves – as seen in the previous post. But today I’m going to show you something quite different.

I was struck by the way light was filtering through trees on the edge of the wood – vertical slices of bright coloured light interspersed between the dark trunks of the trees. I wanted to capture that panoramic sweep of the woodland.


But also at the taking stage I had something else in…

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Acceptance may be the answer



This is an interesting article about how acceptance is so important for us in order to live the best way we can. when we have problems,neuroses etc.This website,The Negative Psychologist is one I came upon when reading another blog here.


Join the ruining


by Katherine Marmalade


Please leave the Church when the bull rings.

Please keep off the yawns

Please sleep in your own ruins

Please deceive the women kindlily

No men followed here

Men must  lift their nits as a mine of university.

Please do not lust after sinning.

Sex is not work on Sundays.

No sex until you join the union.

You must pass a breast before driving in the UK

The Government seem very refused over child poverty

Do men love bugging women?

Free blank cheques for billionaires given out daily.

I just can’t scalp it.

It’s chicken or quiver with dumplings.

Do you leak any languages  properly?

Protect your mattress,Sleep on the door.

Why not hang yourself tonight?

She kept men in the wardrobe and clothes on the floor.