Art is the literature of the eye.
Blood is the food of the brain.
Cunning is the wisdom of the serpent
Diagrams are the heart of the engineer.
Excuses are the politeness of strangers.
Flying is the joy of dreamers.
Green is the colour of woods in summertime.
Habits are the railroads of the mind.
Ink is the blood of writers.
Jams are the icing on the Motorway.
Kleenex is the friend of teardrops.
Limits are the edges of the friendship.
Music is the soother of souls.
Noise is the enemy of peace.
Obligations are the joys of friendship.
Queues are the neat Brit way of waiting.
Ruin is the risk of gamblers.
Splendour is the duty of monarchs.
Time is not waiting.
Unanimity is a very rare state in any group.
Value is a matter of judgment.
War is not a good way to bring peace.
Xylophones are rarely heard in my home.
Youth is full of beauty.
Zebras are officially striped and appreciated.

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