I wish I had bought a long ladder


I once at some cake with a fork

Then I ate up a dandelion stalk.

I was barely three

So do not blame me

My mother was out for a walk.


Dandelion’s good for the bladder.

And for feeding to any spare adders.

If you  go yellow tonight

Tell your husband you might.

Oh,I wish I had bought that tall ladder.


I’d peek in your window to see

How angry your husband might be.

And what will he do

With the leaves in your shoe?

I deeply regret I shan’t see,



3 Treasures: Sympathy, Simplicity and Stillness

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Kindness: We are all interconnected and interdependent in this universe. Human are hardwired to care for others. It gives true happiness.

If you hold hatred you can never be happy, even with abundance of luxury. Anger in return for Anger is disaster. In contrast love, compassion, tolerance and patience brings joy and happiness – and eventually dissolves anger and hatred.

Simplicity: Simplifying diet leads to good health. Reducing consumption and possessions lowers problems in life.

Stillness: Mental chatter creates confusion, and frustration. On other hand stillness builds mental clarity – compassion, tolerance and patience help in practicing stillness.

A journey of thousand miles begins with one step…. Take first step and join the journey.

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