Part 2 How to be even more unhappy


Live in  the UK….. this is Springtime

1.Only make friends with people you feel uncomfortable with or inferior to.or at worst superior too …..  and make sure you let them know in the latter case so they can verbally assault you.Then go home to Till Eulenspiegel…… he’s still oiling his organ right now

2.Listen to Wagner Valkyries every night over and over.But stop before psychosis sets in.

3. Listen to the entire Ring Cycle one weekend…Wagner…. now he was a strange man.10 hours of Schubert or Bach,yes.Who  did he think he was….God?Yes,I thought so.God,whatever he or she is is not a megalomaniac He is not any kind of maniac.


“And after the wind,a still small voice”

July self portrait 2

4.To get very unhappy,don’t listen to that still,small voice… just listen to loud voices and noises.I went into the Body Shop yesterday [they don’t sell bodies,just beauty creams and potions]

and then I walked right out again pursued by an assistant…I called,it’s your music… it was

THAT loud..

5.You know there are good books and bad books?And wishy washy books… the choice is yours.I know here “Fifty Shades of Grey” sold well as did handcuffs and whips….now think well… ….does it make you more unhappy because no-one has ever wanted to be handcuffed to you?In that case read it but think about this…how would you  go to the lavatory or eat a chocolate cream bun? Or….think….

If this book makes you happy let me know….I’d like to meet you.

Well,laughter stops me writing and makes me too happy for such a post….wait till next week

The enigma of windows

Houses at one time had only slits to let in light and to let out smoke.This used to be in the roof as a house was just one space in which living was shared.

Nowadays most houses have quite large windows.We like this as we love the light ; we love to look out to see trees or to see people go by.So windows were designed for the people living inside a house.(Prisons were often devoid of light)We all like to see out but something designed for one function—to let in light and air also has consequences that we may not have realized.. if we can see our ,others can see in,for example.I know people do this as I have a foolish neighbor who passes comments on my books.Not only that but she comments on my feet and my clothes.

Some of us put lace curtains on the window to stop people looking in .Buit they also cut down on what we can see out there and the light is reduced.

It’s the same with our ego.We have defense mechanisms to protect us but they also cut down on what we can perceive or receive.They are barriers,

So in both cases we need some defense but too much will handicap us.

This is the enigma of windows and doors.We are prisoners without them and we are vulnerable when we have too many.We must live in a tower or a castle or a house….balanced between security and the excitement of discovery and new perceptions.