Smiling through your window

Please don’t pull the curtains

For I am coming by.

I want to see your underwear

Is it thermal?  …Don’t be shy.

Please don’t turn your light out

For I wish to peek in.

I like to see men  in their beds

Is it a big sin?

Why not sleep stark naked

For then I’ll see your chest.

Have you still got hairs on

OK. Leave on  that  vest.

Do not put your glasses on

To see whom I might be

I shall wear a pointed hat

Topped with a cherie

I like to see you sleeping with

a smile upon your face

I do hope you are dreaming

of a sweet embrace.

I’ll gaze in and smile at you

And then tip toe away

For if I see you smiling

I’ll be joyous all the day.

I love to see you happy

I ‘ll be with you when you’re sad.

Sharing deeper   feelings

Stops us from going mad.

So please don’t pull the curtains.

I am real, I’m not a ghost

I met many people

And I love you the most.

whisky and tea | “Yes, of course we were pretentious — what else is youth for?” – Julian Barnes

whisky and tea | “Yes, of course we were pretentious — what else is youth for?” – Julian Barnes.

I have found this blog which is giving me  pleasure and knowledge … the Sylvia Plath post is very touching…I can’t see anywhere to comment thouigh.

Take a look… wonderful post on the Anglican Church

Lonely even with people in one’s life?

“Lonely people can have others in their life in some fashion, including many acquaintances. What they lack is a true connection with someone. For whatever reason, they haven’t been able to forge a bond with someone who will be there for them for the long-term. The inability to share their greatest joys and fears with someone who cares about them is what makes people feel lonely.”

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Into summer
Into summer