Wearing glasses

I never thought before about the fact that some of us are “behind a glass” all the time since we need spectacles.I have had them so long I can’t imagine seeing in another way.When I was a child there was a saying
Men don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses
In the current situation men won’t be making  passes at any girls  if the fear of being accused of harassment gets worse.
Anyway,in my experience men don’t mind if you wear glasses.Maybe more men would have chased me but I had  sufficient.I didn’t want too many  I had my own life to lead. and  I feel sorry sometimes when I reject them.. it’s hard for some men but they have to realize that is life and they will find a nicer  more beautiful woman elsewhere.
I must admit I hated wearing glasses at first.I wonder of it does affect one always looking through glass or plastic?Still the hands and face are free to feel the air on them.