Further help for those who want to be unhappy

Warning:I believe that some people don’t understand the British sense of irony or black humor…

I am saying the opposite of what is good for you to try to amuse you and help you laugh.That is our  type of humor here in the UK.. so don’t take me seriously


Some more useful advice from our local therapy expert.You must obey me always or  the sky will fall in on you…..I am charismatic,believe me…EVERYONE does

1.Certain music can make one feel very down.For me Richard Strauss,Till Eulenspiegel gets on my nerves.He can go and oil his spiegel elsewhere….I never want to see it or him again. or hear his music either,If you find music  that depresses you,listen to it every morning  preferably  at 2 am…I guarantee you’ll be really down in the depths all day after that.

2.Do not listen to any music you love especially at 2 am.Wallow in that gloom… think of all the harm you’ve done to friends and lovers… that will pull you down into the demonic regions of life.Do not make a cup of tea or stroke the cat.

3.Dress inappropriately for the weather.Too hot or too cold?Then soon you will be stressed out.If it does not happen by accident,do it on purpose.. a fur coat in the Bahamas should do the trick.If that is too expensive try wearing thermal underwear in a heatwave… but do not take your temper out on the cat or dog…turn it inwards.In winter wear a pair of shorts and T shirt to go out for a walk… the cold will make you feel terrible.Well done.Soon you will be clinically depressed.

4.Never go for walks except along  busy motorways or freeways.Do not go into green woods with a  lover nor lie on a daisy filled lawn reading a good novel.Stay in bed crying all day when there is no-one at home to comfort you or annoy your mate if you have one by spilling ink on the clean sheets… that will turn them off…usually unless they are an artist… they might be intrigued by the patterns of the ink as it runs gaily down the fibers

You should be getting the idea now…….. so just keep on that way

To be continued..

Birds can see God

front garden

What a marvelous day yesterday was. for us here in London.

The sunlight was powerful;

the sky blue and on the trees and shrubs I could almost see buds opening.

By the lake a huge flock of pigeons rose from the trees and circled  in precise and moving geometry

whilst simultaneously many sea gulls which had been floating on the windblown water arose

and formed concentric whirling music in the sky.

We stood still on the grass in the deep silence, absorbing the colors,shapes and murmurings.

Just a normal April day in the country park but I am sure of one thing:

Birds can see God

And in such green stillness,perhaps we can feel God ,if only for a moment