Mary and Annie are thinking about a holiday in a hamlet

When the weather began to improve and the sun was getting high in the sky, Mary and Annie decided to go for a holiday on the East coast

I would really like to take Emile with us Mary told Annie.

He’s had a hard time during the last few years and it would do him good to have a change.

But do you think it’s safe to take him?

Do you think he should have a collar and lead?

No I think that we will get a rucksack made of leather and we can put a soft wool cardigan in the bottom and it must be quite shallow so that if he wants to he can sit up and put his head out of the top even though he’s on my back.He should be able to hear the sound and smell the tang of the sea.

So Mary said to Emile

We’re thinking of going on holiday to some quiet Hamlet on the East coast. We thought you might like to come with us.

Oh mother I would really love to come with you. Can I go in your handbag? I can put my head off of the top and if anybody who comes near you I can bite them with my teeth.I’ll make sure that my sheet teeth are very sharp before we leave home

We will talk about that when we’re near the time because Annie and I have got to choose our clothes shoes and get some makeup and sun protection cream not to mention having our hair cut blow dried

Oh you women cried Emile.

The wind will blow dry your hair when you walk along the beach.

Oh,my hair is is thin enough already without being bblown off by the wind.

Well, I like it said Emile manfully.

Thank you so much, Mary told him. What a courteous cat you are

And so say all of us

I hope that one day I will have another cat just like Emile

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