Average household income, UK – Office for National Statistics


This is disposable income so I imagine it is before tax.

The average worker who does not exist take some 2,750 a month after tax etc. Is this is a family and only one adult is working full time

while one is an at home parent it is not an awful lot of money to live on. Survival needs may not be met for a lot of people who are earning less than this amount.

In the Sunday times today there is an article saying you need to earn at least 200,000 pounds a year before you live in enviable lifestyle.

When we bought our house in the 1970s during our first winter there we couldn’t afford to buy any new shoes.

The average disposable income now or last year was

£32,800 in the UK.

But when they ask for more money like the nurses and the teachers they are told their greedy loisy and hopelessly that it managing money.

And some people living on universal benefits our envious of people living on the state pension that I don’t think they realize that the state pension is linked to your national insurance contributions over a large number of years.

People living on benefits should not blame pensioners for taking all the money.£200 a week is not an awful lot to live on especially for those people paying rent. You might be paying £50 a week for your heating. Perhaps s the government should provide cookery lessons to tell us how to make meals from cheap ingredients like breast of lamb,tripe, lentils, shin of beef, bread.

The average reading age in this country is 9. 4 years. So if that’s a median average 50% of the population of a reading edge of less than 9.4 years and maybe unable to read the government’s recipe book, How to live on the breadline without dying

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