The churchyard wall

Photo by Skylar Kang on

The bricks of the old wall, while crumbling, live
Five hundred years of history passed them by
While plants grew in the cracks below, above
Apart from people, this is what I love
That ancient structures stand and do not die
The bricks of this old wall while crumbling live
A little beauty will do well enough
This cheers my heart and lifts my spirits high
Wild flowers grow in cracks below, above
We fill our minds and homes with shop bought stuff
Gaze on bricks and cracks, what will we spy?
The bricks of this old wall while crumbling live
Like old complexions, older bricks are rough
The Vicar cannot smooth them though they try
Holes for plants inscribe these cracks with love
From generations past, ghosts wander. shy.
Looking for their graves, they whisper,sighT
he bricks of the old wall still crumbling live
Tenacious weeds shall wave below, aboveShare

Photo by Markus Spiske on

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