I have sifted earth


I have  walked the  silent paths of grief
Sunless,dreary,cold and all alone.
I have   slept on bed of  winter leaves.
Oh Death you are a cruel and devious thief.
Although my heart weeps and my joy has gone.
I have never felt I was deceived.

I have learned that human life is brief.
I have learned  by sorrow we’re undone.
I  have sifted earth and what’s beneath.

I felt  the dark emotions seethe
 I've  been cruelly mocked by   glaring sun.
I  have grasped the geography of grief.

I wait with patienceel for this  life to cease
Or will  a  fluttering wing  make chaos come,
Change my heart and give me a fresh lease?

Unconsoled  grief  can make   us dumb
Into  our  hearts, we drag the ice  that numbs
I have walked the silent paths of grief
I have made my bed on winter leaves.