Love, glue and hot water

Paeonia-suffruticosaWhat do you say to  a  new teapot?
We’re  both going to be in hot water soon

What do you say when you are thirsty?
Show me a photo of Warren Beatty.He makes my mouth water

Why don’t we drink sea water?
Fish pee into it.Whales drown in it

What do you say to a  coffee mug?
Won’t you at least try this tea?

What do you say to a rabbit?
Have you no warren of your own to go to?

What do you  feel  for when you get a  text message at 3 am
My husband

What kind of flour do you use?
It depends on how strong the bombs need to be

Why  do you like hand writing?
We can’t afford writing paper

Which pens are the best?
The ones with ink inside.

Is it hard to write a poem?
No, it’s only 5 letters.Maybe A should be capital?

Are you autistic?
Is it so black and white?

Why do you like maths?
It stops me  turning schizophrenic

Did you work  on differential equations?
No they were too  dirty for women to stand on

How about topology?
I prefer jam doughnuts to actually eat.

How did you find   the University?
We had  maps then ,much cheaper than  android phones

I mean  how did you feel?
With maths you don’t need to feel

So what does make you feel?
Love, glue and hot water

What advice would you give to a   person now?
Never give advice.

What do you think of the Corona virus?
It makes no difference what I think.It’s what we do that matter







Show me a poem written in lines with 5 beats so-so poetry is like music it’s more like music than a kiss.
This is really funny what it’s coming out with Siri absolutely hilarious I can’t type my laughter

I can hear it myself I can hear it anyway all the different forms of poetry have some of the qualities in music even free verse those although it’s hard to explain it sometimes I remember when I first began writing that all my writing is in free verse and my brother said to me how do you know when to end the line and I said you just get a sense of it the fence and then you go onto a new line but before someone else might disagree with I think when I think back to him as a long ones that I wrote like him but the one about the end man or possibly young woman leaving to join the army because I’m always broken out saying goodbye to her mother and the mother is grieving the Lions are actually very short um which seem to fit in with um the feelings and although I didn’t realise it was on the 11th of September also some people in America route to me to thank you for writing it because it was 9/11 but I didn’t I didn’t contraflow I think a lot of things that we knew my husband is going to die before I even though the doctor salty with left till about November and he died on the 1st of June but we already celebrating 30th anniversary I don’t know whether he really but you know they gave me some tears, a special kind of cake and um at least I felt in myself doing had his and say when it turns I didn’t find it too painful although unfortunately the next year I did find it very painful but then that’s the price you paid until I find that 7 people want to know soon as they seem to be angry when you’re grieving Mr if they’ll never been married or had a close relationship they must be so envious that the fitness think you shouldn’t complain when you lose it and when you’re grieving you know exactly complaining that you lost it but you’re trying to adapt yourself to being one person without someone who is always like part of yourself in some ways although my husband was actually very much further than private and we both work for with another in fish outside of our relationship but you know what is the Silverstone Home and away is scanning emotional security that you know that when you go home with somebody that will listen to you I’m just sending middle of writing a book or something but they will listen to you and possibly come for you if you need it I know that adults can live without having the same with all the time but we are animals and animals tend to like to be with her animals ,animals like themselves because with animals like themselves there is a mate when it’s the right season and the home hunt together and they can now look after their young together this is sleeping it really that they want to which types of Arran to like to do that human being this day seem to like to sleep in the heat not anymore but I think in the past and in the house like the ones where I live out there any similar only had two bedrooms wh for the mother and the father are all the children respect to the dead in the other room at the top of the bottom I don’t know when I don’t know what happened when they reach puberty Avenue in one family only have two children the morning when the children reach puberty they’re all slept with the mother and the boys check with the follow through the mother and the father themselves didn’t after sleep together praxitelous plastic wrap suit practice trip together with me and children at school right now shouldn’t be saying this way if it’s not very nice visit me while I’m just kind of thinking about the fact that turn to be alone in the house in which you lived with your loved ones for many years is quite difficult but on the other hand it’s familiar I don’t think I’d like to go somewhere completely different at the moment but some people my02 you know I’ll get married a few weeks after they’ve been removed because of the contrary to be in the same house all to be alone. There’s an American writer called Joyce Carol Oates and she wrote a book about at the death of Ivan and how it affected her and not matter of fact she got married again and see ya Rafi died and she’s got heavily criticised for having written this week about loss and pain and Mirena when probably by the time it was published showing already remarried but I mean she didn’t mean that she hasn’t started losing the first husband. Actually they do you say that if you been happily married you more likely to get married again but I don’t think that I would like to get married again because it is quite an old phone to get to know somebody and it will be very easy to find someone who sings pleasant it interesting in a certain amount of chemistry how much to tell if you’d expect at this ungodly reason but there are some things I believe that smell is very important that you like the way they smell that that’s so but then you might find out there and all sorts of peculiar habits so light I want to see friends of mine they had a man the friend who is the at the weekend or with whom they went out to concerts and things like that and and left them in the Mail on Sunday but they didn’t actually live together in the same house all the time ironically what are these women displaying Me toys and me because I was talking to her on the phone and my husband will learn quite well I need to cook them in and he came in and he said and they didn’t read it and she said I don’t owe anyone just I thought to myself that’s because you wouldn’t marry your partner who wanted to marry you and you refuse and if you had married him it was very well you could have bought all your food in, you could have gone to a restaurant or you have 2 boxes in Marks and Spencer’s with you and pretending that you can have it or eat it must have been able to cook because it is period wanted split up because of her and then I don’t know what he lived on that Tuesday feeling well Friday Saturday and Sunday so that’s how the leftovers for those when he will need to make himself and me London if you think you’ll be happy until he got you won’t feel and then they laugh died

The old folk not at home

They are like some other beings altogether

the cry more animal than human

The wordless pathos,


They have gone back to a troubled and unimagined infancy

but no mother responds to such a nightmare of overgrown voice boxes

the cry of a rabbit wolf in a trap

it’s the shriek in the wall cry of a baby in a psychotic nightmare.

Nicholas haunts Sylvia in the evocative memory of Ariel

And so it will end for you and me

Trapped in this old body with its old brain

on and on they cry

help me, help me,help me

nurse nurse

I want the manager I want the manager

I don’t want to be here I don’t want to be here

I want to go home

Help me

we don’t listen because they have dementia

what they say has no meaning.

that’s our defence

I am the norm

You are abnormal

but you smiled when I asked you if you would like your hair dyed pink

and I know you love the music therapist.

Your smell repels


Is this where Jesus dwells

If you did this to the least of my little ones, you did it to me. We

you haven’t forgotten about Eros

you are still hoping to find love

you are not dead yet but you can’ wait to go home


When God came down , the rivers overflowed
Great trees were floating ,angled and exposed
The houses broke up like a loaf to crumbs
The hearts of humans trembled till they hummed

The winds deceived, the gusts unmeasured stung
The churchbells shuddered then untimely rang
The power was cut and all our screens were dark
Where were the rulers, where the saving Ark?

The women giving birth were paralysed
The babies in the womb took ill and died
Their cradles rocked the world, they swung so fast
And in a moment all of life had passed

In the void, God started his new world
Rich and strange, the grit and then the pearls

+Mary and the dummy

While Mary sat in the kitchen on a large pine chair looking at Hotter’s latest shoe catalogue,Annie was creeping up the garden path in a pair of turquoise suede elegantly heeled shoes matching her teal tencel culottes and matching blouse.Round her neck was a large lump of amber on a gold chain handy for beating off muggers or lustful men and women
Despite the heat she was in full splendour with golden beige tinted moisturiser from Langone of Lyons on her lovely complexion,pink eyeshadow from Yves St Current and dark brown boot polish as her mascara had run out and she’d not been out for a while to buy more
Annie ran the last few yards and darted like an eel into Mary’s 1970’s kitchen.
What on earth are you doing,dear? Mary asked her.Those shoes look unsuitable for leading anyone up the garden path.Mind you,I do like them
Oh,I’ll explain,Annie said huskily.
I told that therapist across the road I was living with you.
What exactly do you mean by living,Mary asked anxiously.
Well,he said yesterday that anyone who lives alone must be lacking in some way.Except for him of course as he had full analysis with Alfred Zion.
You mean Wilfred Bion,Mary told her.
Zion,Bion,what’s the difference?
It shows your lack of education,Mary told her.Not that education nowadays makes much difference
That’s not quite what I would have done, said Annie.A degree in flirtation and pleasing men would be more up my street.And cooking of course although I once did have an interest in Hebrew and Aramaic.
It’s not a way to progress in a neo-liberal economy,although reading the Hebrew Bible is always interesting.Personally I prefer that to the New Vex-a man.The stories,the love songs,the action.Mary’s round eyes gleamed with intellectual life and a bit of languorous lust
How about God? Annie asked her.
He seems to have changed as he related to his people.But he was a friend despite being an abstract concept.Though one could hardly call him a concept as he is inconceivable.
Mary’s voice faltered as she was stunned by her own articulacy and wondered what she might say next that could offend millions around the globe all at once
You should write a book,Annie said kindly.
I think I am ill-equipped to write about God.And ,also ,I am saddened to see how his own people have been treated.I can’t dwell on it over much as I already feel weak and weepy.
Why what have you been doing,asked Annie.
I have been sorting out clothes to give to the hospice shop. I’ve got a big bag full already and 2 bags of newspapers and rubbish of various kinds which somehow creeps into my bedroom… tissues,cotton wool, old hairbrushes.I am hoping to get it nice and neat before my sister comes to see me
And now I realise I have far too many pans despite burning several.But it’s a big decision for a woman who was famed for entertaining friends with scorching Beef Vindaloo and lemon mousse that tasted like rubber.Giving that up is a big wrench.
Why can’t you carry on, asked Annie.
Carrying on is precisely why I can’t do it.Now I am a widow the wives of my former colleagues and my own women friends are afraid I will steal their husbands.
Emile miaowed in ecstasy as any talk about the love lives of his family were always intriguing.He was hiding as usual behind the stone flour bin.
Don’t you see,said Annie.If we pretend we are living together then you can mingle with men without suspicion.
This is beginning to sound like a spy story,Mary told her.And do not drag me into a character part in the play based on your romantic love for that psychoanalyst.
He looks ugly and boring to me.
Oh,that’s just a projection,Annie told her.You are defending yourself against acknowledging how much you long to lie in his arms and let him smother you in kisses.
Well,said Mary,I see you have been reading Freud for beginners again.
Or is it Freud for Dummies?
Mary recalled how nice her dummy used to taste when it was dipped into a jar of malt and codliver oil.Maybe that is the answer,she thought.
I’m going to Mothercare,she called as she ran out of the house in her green trainers and denim trouser suit.See you later.
Annie sat in the kitchen wondering how soon she could see the psychoanalyst again without being accused of sexual harassment.Even old age has not deterred her from seeking a replacement for dear old Stan.A few tears ran down her cheek and Emile jumped out and sat on her knee

How to deal with rage

Anger disorder

There is no clear diagnosis of an anger disorder, but the psychiatric diagnostic manual does include “intermittent explosive disorder”, which is characterised by recurrent behavioural outbursts representing a failure to control aggressive impulses. This affects 7.3% of the population at some point in their life and 3.9% in the past 12 months.

Anger, however, is a common clinical presentation that features across an array of different mental health problems, such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, substance use disorders and many more.

If you begin to notice that you are on edge quite a lot, do things that you later regret, are quick to react instead of respond, and that you have people in your life who have told you that you tend to get angry, it might be helpful to do something about it.

Jack’s retirement

Jack had just taken early retirement from his old job as a maths researcher. in Knittingham university.His large collection of books was overwhelming the home he shared with his excitable French wife Simone.Simone was still working at the university cleaning computers heads all day long.
Now she was hoping that she and Jack could do more entertaining.If only he would get [rid of some of the books!No-one could climb over them to get into the dining room unless they had climbed the Alps]
Simone left for work wearing her new pink cord trousers and a dark blue denim knit jumper and she had a long lasting beige foundation from Max Factor covering her red face.
Jack gave the cat,Louisa, a hot bath in goat’s milk.Now instead of being grey she was cream coloured!
I’ve been dyed,she shrieked politely but Jack never replied.
He pondered,as he dried her what to do with all his maths books.He had thought of making a large collage but who would want it?
Or he could donate them to the university or have a fire in the back garden.
Suddenly he looked up and saw a very charmingly pink faced woman peering into the window.
It was his neighbour Kim whose husband had disappeared last year,possibly inside a wheelie bin,though no-one was sure.
Hello,Kim,did you want me?” he cried nervously
I thought you might like some company for morning coffee.What a pretty cat.What’s her name?”
Louisa was wary of Kim.Maybe the purple trousers and orange jumper might give the cat an epileptic fit… she was a sufferer, just like St Paul.She hoped to be converted but so far was disappointed.She longed to see a vision of cat food in the sky.
Can cats go to Mass? she mioawed to Jack.
Yes,but they can’t have Communion,he responded shyly.
Well,we don’t eat bread but I love wine!
I’ll mention it to the Pope next time I see him,Kim said with a roguish smile.Her make up looked to be waterproof as the drip in the ceiling was right above her head and heavy rain was falling.
But first Louisa,you would have to confess your sins.All your sins
I never did a thing wrong,the cat replied haughtily.
Well,you know the Church is only for repentant sinners,so if you never sin,you can’t repent. so it follows indubitably that you can’t join the Church!i studied Aristotle once that’s why
I get all logical with emotion.I only wish I’d got to Wittgenstein..I could have loved that man….though now I seem to recall he was gay…still,who knows?
If that were true about theChurch,would Jesus be allowed to join?
Certainly not.He was perfect and also he was Jewish.So why would he want to join the Christian church?
As he began it, he might like to see its holy life,Louisa purred loudly.
Really,I think this is a very odd conversation murmured the parrot,Felix Semper.
Not so odd,responded a tall dark man who just appeared from nowhere.
I am called Jesus he said,but I’m from Malaga.
In Spain many men are called Jesus,he continued mellifluously.
Is that so, cried Kim murmured tenderly
I never met a Jesus before.If you married me it would give people a shock if I said I was married to Jesus! she whispered loudly behind her hand.
Marry you!Is it leap year? Women have never proposed to me before.
I was just thinking out loud,she replied demurely.
Nuns used to be married to Jesus and wore a silver wedding ring.
I was educated at a convent school.That’s why I’m so very neurotic.
Are you really neurotic? Jack,screamed silently
I have a whole shelf of books by Karen Horney here.Self Analysis, is just one.
I could give it to you now….
Not in front of Jesus,she muttered chastely.
Have you no moral feelings?
No,I’ve never had any feelings of any sort. but it’s done me no harm.
I’ll ask Simone when she gets back, we’ll see if she agrees!
I’m just like a computer with a human body.
I sometimes think I’d like a suit of silver armour.
Bless you,my child,Jesus murmured.
When they looked up the tall dark man was gone.
They looked around but he had left no footprints.
Should we call the police?He came in with no permission!
How disgraceful.
How dastardly.
How disgusting
How damnable.
How divine.
How dumb.
How deplorable.
So on they murmured until it was time to cook lunch. for the cats and birds

Stillness without dread

on January 31, 2018

Half of me feels glad and half feels sad
I wonder which will take the higher place
I feel a need for stillness without dread
To let the hints of grace in me be read
Without obsession over what you said
Or listening to that fearful heavy tread
I sometimes hear when I have gone to bed
Where is the essence of the love we had?
Somewhere there must be a hint or trace
Part of me is sad and part is glad
Can they each accept and then embrace?

When God came down

When God came down , the rivers overflowed
Great trees were floating ,angled and exposed
The houses broke up like a loaf to crumbs
The hearts of humans trembled till they hummed

The winds deceived, the gusts unmeasured stung
The churcbells shuddered then untimely rang
The power was cut and all our screens were dark
Where were the rulers, where the saving Ark?

The women giving birth were paralysed
The babies in the womb took ill and died
Their cradles rocked the world, they swung so fast
And in a moment all of life had passed

In the void, God started his new world
Rich and strange, the grit and then the pearls4