Real or fake community?


“Bread and nationalism

Bread was important to the Grand Inquisitor as well.  Give them bread and they will follow you anywhere he says.  What if we think of this bread as the bread of communion, making us part of one body?  For the problem that religion addresses and the Grand Inquisitor exploits is the isolation and loneliness of mass society.  No amount of magic and mystery can take the place of community, but community can help fill the need addressed by magic, mystery, and tyrannical authority.  Nationalism is fake community, in which people are bound together by common hatreds instead of love.”

By C Fred Alford

A new writer/thinker:C Fred Alford


I am reading two books by C Fred Alford about Evil.He is a very good writer and scholar with a wonderful mind.He is also influenced greatly by Melanie Klein and Wilfred Bion.

In fact I am really delighted because he talks quite a lot about thought and what makes us thoughtless and how thinking is related to emotions.And how breaking linkages in our minds is a defence which stops us from feeling painful emotion at the cost of deadness inside

This article is about Whistleblowers like Edward Snowden because it’s good and also I cannot find any articles about Alford’s life.

Here is a review of his new book but we can’t get it in the UK

It is about Emmanuel Levinas and the Frankfurt School.




The lifeboat

We are in this boat together
Sailing across the bay.
Some have an easy voyage,
The wind is blowing their way
I wish I could always be sailing
Across an ocean with you
And never reach the other side
though it may be in view.
I want to see the sunrise
Across the dappled sea.
The ripples of the water
Reveal a new world to me.
One day this boat will reach the shore
Unless destroyed by storm
And I shall have to leave your arms
Where I have been so warm.
So just before we get there
I wanted you to know
That I shall always love you
Wherever you may go.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on