The mystery of me

tresco_2019-2I find it hard to go to  sleep  unless I have a big box of tissues by my side even when I don’t have a cold.

I hum or even sing as I walk about.I don’t know I am doing  except once I sang Joan of Arc at the bus stop as it is 7 minutes long and the bus was due in  7 minutes

I must have 5 cups of  hot tea in the morning.All in half an hour.

I only got a computer  ten years ago because I was convinced I’d be  unable to use it.  and my husband was not technically minded.Yet I am a mathematician by proofession.{ A Freudian slip, but interesting}

I feel incompetent at life outside  maths, poetry ,cooking, knitting and   having a conversation.And praying for  the world, boiling hankies and making tea

Since I got a heart problem I spend money  more freely.I even give it to Charity like
Medicin sans Frontiers and Freedom from Torture.

I sometimes think I ought to  open the window and throw  £20   or £30 out then stay at home resting

I don’t like chess
I  like ordinary people better than  people who feel they are superior because  they got a  fourth at Oxford or even a first,anywhere.
Yet I also worry  about the work people have to do  for low pay because I did it and I knew I would have a breakdown if I  kept on so I worekd in an old people’s  home instead
I think I did have a breakdown into reality

I hate having arguments

I like to apologise when I realise I’ve been rude.I love it.I am a genius at it.I could  do a Ph.D on it.But I don’t so it much because I am rarely rude

I  have a bedside clock  which has to be soft blue.I feel happy with blue.I love it.I
It soothes me

I am bad at measuring things so  when I got a new teapot  I find it only holds 2 cups.
Once I nearly bought  on line  an ironing board which was actually  for a doll’s house!
I wonder if steaming is better? I like to learn new skills.
It’s not housework it’s an experiment! I steamed my knickers.That will keep bugs off

Now, where are those fifty boxes of tissues I just bought at Morrisons?