Not everything is a problem to be solved

Please stop dissecting my arguments on the phone I didn’t even know they were arguments I think they are like musings

I wonder if the terms sin still has a useful meaning so for example after you’ve committed adultery in your front room with one of the neighbours as they are leaving say

Go now and sin no more but that has one flaw  they might charge you the next time you take them on the sexual partner and who can afford to pay for it  these days?

Dr is it safe to eat a couch potato?

Have you got your degree yet? Well I’ve got a degree of it!

You barely passed at Oxford. Well I was embarrassed.

After 40 years of marriage my husband said he was very angry with me. So I said to him why did you wait till you were ill? We could have had a fight.

You have always got an answer.

But I’m still waiting for the questions.

Remember that not everything is a problem to be solved


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