Make it rechargeable

Why do you think it’s inappropriate for people over 70 just stay in bed all day if?

Please keep out. I got some sex toys for Christmas and I’m trying to put the cat to sleep 0.,

It’s not my fault I’ve got so many hormones in my body. I got the wrong prescription

The strange noise you can hear is my vibrator. I’ve lost it. (Double entendre()

If you find me dead rest assured that I enjoyed the last 15 minutes.

My will is in the drawer with the tablet.

No it’s not the original one. But it looks exactly the same.

Having rheumatoid arthritis schizophrenia and migraine could not deter anyone from  seeking a sexual partner why not send them a contact lens?

I don’t see why men should enjoy my body more than I enjoy it myself

I had heard of trial and error and then in the art class a retired physicist said that they used to call it trial and  horror during the war when they were studying radar .


Is it illegal to put sex toys into Christmas stockings? Not to mention nuts.

I didn’t realise  how looks could kill until I saw your photographs 

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