From the words of Jewish stand-up comic

Growing up, “instead of cowboys and Indians, we played Israelis and Palestinians. She would come over and kick me out of my house.” She said that gag often gets the biggest laugh in the show. “I try to find humor in the awful things that are happening to both of us,” she explained.

The revue features more Jewish comedians than Muslim ones. “Jews invented stand-up comedy in North America,” Eman conceded. “But it’s definitely booming in the Muslim community.” Eman, who’s appeared at comedy shows in Jordan and Israel and runs the revue with Jewish comic Jeff Schouela, said she’s encountered no tension in mixed Muslim/Jewish audiences. In fact, she said, tensions tend to melt away. “Last year, we were kind of worried. But I felt that the name of the event got almost 400 people to the venue. Our sense of humour is so similar.”

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