Therapeutic writing

Many people believe that creative writing can help you when you are suffering from grief anxiety and other problems of life

I have found the following. That painful emotions create an energy within us which is often painful to tolerate. But your can use this energy to do something such as writing a poem.

00 from what I have read and what I have experienced the best kind of poetry to write is of a formal type. I was very hesitant about writing a sonnet but like everybody else I found that the more you do it it the more comfortable you get with it and it begins to seem easier to do do that at the beginning. After my husband died I studied and wrote villanelles So many that I wondered if I was the person on earth who had written more than anybody else. They are are pleasingly beautiful and musical so

The best-known villanelle in our culture is by Dylan Thomas. It is

Do not go gentle into that good night

Look it up and read it. I don’t agree with his sentiments but I think it’s a brilliant poem. I’d like to know what you think about it

I welcome comments and criticism

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