In my arms

Lay down beside me let me hold you close

Take my hands and let us now embrace

Go to sleep in peace, I’ll hold you tight.

The women of the family by Katherine

I would like to comfort you this night

Yet the boatman comes before the dawn

I’d like to hold you near me keep you warm

Once my little sister, now we’re old .

Old we are and never will be cold

Sharp tears do strike my face and fall to earth

The same that mother felt when giving birth.

She gave up and died without a cause

Complaining of her lot without a pause

I had no patience could not hear her speak ..

I could not tolerate the news so bleak.

Forgive me sister, I am here with you.

Surrendering to the pain of knowledge new.

On your voyage you will be alone

But you will be at peace we’re past the storms

The Lord will give the Lord may take away.

Tender are your family today

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