Wondering who or what Lord Jesus saves

I spent my grown up  life in  puzzles mazed
No more to play in parks  or climb green hills
Wondering was it true that Jesus saves.

On green hills,  the Herdwick sheep would graze
While in the town, the people swallowed pills
I spent my adult life in muddled maze.

On the sunny side,old people  prayed
For pensions were too small to pay the bills;
Some wondered in which Bank the Saviour saved

I  had been  obsessive in my ways
Keeping my accounts was not a thrill
I spent my entire life in puzzles mazed

How many  mortal sins,such thoughts would  prey
Of self torture,I have had my fill
Wondering is it true that Jesus saves

Jerusalem upon its rocky hill
Cannot show but maybe it can tell
I spent my adult life in puzzles mazed
Wondering  who and  what  Lord Jesus saves.

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