Those little thoughts

I wonder if I’ll need a new printer when I go home.

Do you really think that the middle of the night is a good time to think about printers or money?

Will my partner be prepared to read things on the screen rather than printed?

There is always question in your mind

What is the right question?

Ask someone else to read your writing

I don’t know what to do

Nothing is obviously the best.

Nothing how can I do nothing?

Well action can be dangerous if it’s taken without forethought

I think forethought is no longer practised in the Western mind.

Perhaps we are all using negative capability and we are living in uncertainty and doubt Because we have not yet been inspired or found our way to different kind of life

You can’t dwell in uncertainty for too long.

I know you’ll end up in the psychiatric unit.

Can we be trained to tolerate more uncertainty until we get a better answer?

I’ll have to think about that

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