Follow my tablet

When Moses felt ill he went back up the mountain and asked God for another tablet.

Many are called and a few are open
God’ s cosy people.
God may love but can we see?


Have you all swallowed your tablets, the nurse asked?
Mine is 10 inch, cried Joe the new patient in the Unit
Stop exaggerating, the nurse answered immoderately
You should say pills, said Bill educationally
That won’t change its size,will it, Joe said nastily?
I’ll have to break it into pieces.Nurse, get me a hammer!
Just a minute, what are you here for, she said nosily?
To know,serve, and love God, Joe whispered
Well, maybe you should be in the psychiatric unit
Is it easier knowing God in there, Joe murmured?
No.But they will give you some tablets so you will look out instead of in
My tablet is a Samsung, he told her confidently
But if I have to eat it, can I have some salt and pepper, he demanded sensibly?
Why, she wondered ,like Plato and Socrates once did?
To put on the chips, he informed her truthfully
They were made in Israel, she lied defiantly
Will they be hot? he said scientifically
They will when I have got my hands on that bloody tablet, she shrieked
Shut up he said rudely
Calm down.Moses didn’t have hysterics round for dinner, she hinted politely
Who did he have, asked the patient?
A wife and children as was usual
I’d prefer a hysterical blonde lady, he thought outloud
Why? she said despondently
She won’t eat my chips and I am hungry for food and then love
Would you like tea, bread and butter, she said sarcastically?
For you,I’d like anything, he said adoringly
My blog, she asked?
Is that like a God for the heathen?
Well, some may agree, she said tersely
And the others, he asked?
They stay neutral mostly
Like my cat, he enquired
Is he transgender, she said correctly
What’s this, the Oxford Entrance,he said being ironical
No, that’s the other way. she admitted
Lead me, lead me gentle Saviour, he replied as he fell asleeep

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