I’m only a mongrel darling but please love me when you return

These are meant to be cats

Ok if you wondering where I’m from

Lots of my ancestors were Vikings. I’m sure if is true because my uncle has beautiful blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes and look like Danish woman I met on the train.

My maternal grandmother was from Ireland and my sister has got her green eyes and I don’t have those eyes I do have wanted some as well so part of me comes from Northern Ireland

My father’s surname was Anglo-Saxon although his mother came from the west of Ireland. So I’ve definitely got quite a bit of Irish in me.

I have not had a DNA sample tested it’s quite possible that I have some Welsh blood and maybe Norwegian.

I’m not really English so would it help you to know which part of Europe I am from? All I can say is northern Europe although for us England is no longer in the EU.

You might think it was wrong for a Danish man to come over here to seize the land and ravish the women although it was a long time ago.

I don’t suppose Adolf Hitler would have liked my mixed blood. There were a lot of Jewish people living in Northern England until about 1190 CE many many Jews were massacred in Clifford’s tower in York in the year 1190 but I like to think partly Jewish people survived and left descendants and I like to think that there was no in this country in the North I descended from the Jews

So I probably got some Jewish ancestry and and alsoFlemish,Dutch and Norman I’m definitely definitely a mongrel and not fit to be allowed to visit the royal family or what remains.

I welcome comments and criticism

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