I have had unstable angina for 16: years

I was resting at 3 pm when the other nurse who is senior burst in so the door to hit the wall shouting

She barged so the door crashed wall and shouted

Where is that GTN spray?

I said in the little bag I wear all day

She asked to see it

Then shouted,so you use this if you feel anxious?

She took the spray saying she would bring it back but she did it not

I had said you use when the pain starts so as to widen the arteries

That would put me at risk of a cardiac arrest.

I was told by the next nurse I could not have it even if I was in severe pain,

They would haave to ring 999

I felt shocked and terrified so much so I couldn’t stop howling

I know the rules

Weirdly the doctor sent a new one and the nurse gave it me on Saturday,

On Monday the cruel one bursts shouting and threatening me

I refused to give it back and again I broke down feeling humiliation and and

She came back and shouted stop that

My arms were trembling a lot 

 But I couldn’t stop them.Its the stress hormones

My sister was coming.

She called the Manager who said the doctor had said they should keep it and I should ask if needed

I refused again


Yesterday I had an attack in the night and the nurse was on another floor

My poor sister Her daughter in law has got brain cancer and she only learned on the day before.L only just had breast cancer

Her face looked swollen with tears then they had a. 5 hour hour drive home

Now the interesting part

I phoned the BHF but rang off

But they reported it to the Social Services as they were worried

Somebody has been to talk me