Cook with your iron & boil eggs in your kettle


I am unsure why I’ve got interested in using gadgets for other purposes
You can make a sandwhich.Wrap it in tin foil and then put on a table.Get the hot iron
& press it on one side for a few minutes.Repeat with the other side [check the times on google]T
To boil an egg, fill th kettle.Put the egg into a polythene bag tie the top and dangle it into the water
Boil the kettle then leave for 5 minutes for a soft egg
Repeat if you want a harder one

Now I wonder if I could cook a steak with the iron…. well we don’t iron our clothes much
so we can use it for other things
I see that jeans should be washed only twice a year [The Times]
in between the washes an hot iron pressing should kill the germs!
Short of cereal bowls——- use a small pan or pie dish

Could we boil our underwear in a kettle?
Oh,no, my underants have shrunk.Still they are clean.Give them to the cat
To be continued

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