Sarcasm beneficial,mioaw!

This is not to say that I am encouraging sarcasm,It can be cruel

“Why might sarcasm enhance creativity? Because the brain must think creatively to understand or convey a sarcastic comment, sarcasm may lead to clearer and more creative thinking. To either create or understand sarcasm, tone must overcome the contradiction between the literal and actual meanings of the sarcastic expressions. This is a process that activates, and is facilitated by, abstraction, which in turn promotes creative thinking.Consider the following example, which comes from a conversation one of my co-authors on the research (Adam Galinsky, of Columbia) had a few weeks before getting married. His fiancée woke him up as he was soundly asleep at night to tell him about some new ideas she has for their upcoming wedding next month –many of which were quite expensive. Adam responded with some ideas of his own: “Why don’t we get Paul McCartney to sing, Barack Obama to give a benediction and Amy Schumer to entertain people.” His comment required his fiancée to recognize that there is a distinction between the surface level meaning of the sentence (actually signing up these people to perform) and the meaning that was intended.”

I drew this myself using Pixler Editor software

To be alive till done

Your robin came in seeking you
He hopped inside the house
He came into the living room
Looking for my spouse

He went back to the kitchen
He cast me a sharp look
I’ve never seen him here again
Nor in a history book

So much happens in one day
What shall we recall
The smiles of little babies
The bullets in the wall?

Years pass by and we don’t know
We’re not on a plateau
We are walking down a hill
So let your feelings show

When we’re gone, what will remain
Our words and those we knew
The robin boldly watching
I wonder where are you?

The world was never made for us
We were all made one
The purpose of our living is
To be alive till done

No, but my mother was

He said he’d like to see more of me, so I took my gloves off.

He said he’d like to get married so I asked him, who to?

He said he loved my eyes.I said, I see

He said he’d like to treat me. I said, how?

He said which University did I go to so I said, at Cambridge

we don’t ask questions like that.

He said he went to Oxford.I said, what for?

He said he did P.P.P so I said he should see a doctor.

He said would I like to get married.I said no-one has proposed to me yet.

He knelt down and kissed my feet.I said while you are down there you could cut my toenails.

He said I was cute.I said, I can’t believe it. I’ve never been so insulted in my life

He said, I just can’t say how much I love you.I said, why not?

He said, you seem cheerful
So I apologised

He said, are you Jewish so I said, no but my mother was.

I’ll give you some gin

I once had a doctor called Woolf
He was well acqainted with wealth
He cut a lump off my arm
I felt very calm
Yet he was alarmed by my health

He would get extra pay, what a path
I bled,he was alarmed by the gush
He cried, your blood’s too thin
I’ll give you some gin
I said,I don’t drink, just a splash

I came home alone, it was hot
July,oh, the memory of that
Then I made some fresh tea
And was stung by a bee
All that I want is a cat