Life, the dance


We walked in rhythm  as if life were our dance
Holding hands, we smiled   whilst on our way
Exchanging too  a soft and loving glance
We walked in rhythm  as if  love were a dance 
Showing both the strength and  the nuance
I wish my love were still with me  at play
We walked in rhythm, our life  a home made dance
Holding hands, we smiled whilst on our wa

Tranquil but swift

When we’re feeling sad we need to dance
Every place once had its form and tune
In Ireland self taught fiddlers could entrance
As merry people danced under the moon

Now we watch the dancing on TV
We’re still as statues tossed onto settees
But watching others dance can never be
A way to change our mood as rolls the sea

Infantile and placid with our lot
We have cables,aerials and Sky
Could the supernatural begat
Creative hearts in those who careless lie?

Just the music of the dance uplifts
The hearts that beat with love tranquil yet swif

The flowers scent

A sightless man on the cliff could smell the scents
As his daughter spoke the flowers names
He seemed happy, more than just content
A blind man in the garden sniffed the scents
We drank our tea with joy at careful chant
The sea was dancing, in and out it came
A sightless man near the cliff enjoyed the scents
His daughter told to all the flowers names