Fingers white and cold I persevere

My fingers have turned white like chicken breast
My toes are blue,I need a woollen vest
Tomorrow snow and ice will come again
Alas I have no gloves,I need my man’s
He has two hands as warm as toast is brown
He’s familar with the layout of the town
I hold one to keep warm and feel his pulse
We never speak , we breathe each other dulce

Come back,dearest, do not leave me here
Why not try again,I’ll persevere
Can’t we go together, hearts unseared.
Dad left me at the end of Southport pier

Bought an electric gadget?

Why not get a pan to boil eggs
I have the electric myself
Frozen veg small
Crawl out looing mauled
Oh, vitamin rich,I have wealth

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After 15 minutes or less it will give off a noise like a siren

Omelette pans are very small
But they can cook two eggs till they’re fraught
Just perfect for one
My Eden is come
I need sliced tomato in oil

If I have a man needing food
A tin of corned beef is so good
He can show off his prowess
With the little key harassed
I just hope I shan’t see his red blood.

My husband like gravy and sauce
He had a mellifluous voice
He liked roast beef on Sunday
And Cottage Pie Monday
On Tuesday,I cooked a sliced horse.

Now the weekend is no longer fun
Bitter chocolate mould makes me feel glum
The nutmeg tree died
I did not cry
But now and then I try to hum

Blown away with your smoke

 ???????????????If I go I won’t tell you.

I’ll just disappear one day.

Like when a cigarette ,which seemed so long,

suddenly has become smaller

and you never noticed it

because you were talking

about the meaning of life

while life was somewhere else

blown away with your smoke

into the sky

and then dispersed

never quite visible again

but still floating on the breeze

hoping to be caught

in a butterfly net

but unable to communicate

except by flying.

If I go it will not be today

but it will be an ordinary day

no one will realise

that it’s that day

that the bird flies

from her nest

to go to a new place

only seeing the deserted nest

he realises,

my bird has flown

Are we too flat?

My book awas criticised for its lack of appendicitises and spelling terrors
My Irish accent perforated Ulster
I had de Gaulle stones but they passed
I have very nasty onions on my feet.My big toe is like a thumb
My arches have elapses
The book was ok but the appendix was cursed
Well having 7 miscarriages saves a lot of money.Why don’t I shoot myself in the butt?
I said I’m going to Killarney, not barmy
With joints like mine,I’d never smoke one
Why do people smoke food?
He’s bought some new brutes for lockdown
Lose weight.Have a nervous breakdown